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IMG_8659Placement of mouse and a whole lot of shoulder issues.

Can you image how the neck, shoulder, arms and each vetebrae of the spine has to twist and turn to hold the arm in this position?

Since muscles have memory they think this is a normal working posture. And when you sit down at 8 in the morning they go right into your awkward working position. It isn’t until you leave work and start to relax that you sense the discomfort to neck, shoulders and low back.

So, pull yourself close to the desk, get a chair that can adjust to your body and learn to place your body in a neutral reach zone. You will be amazed how much fatigue this will remove. And you will feel better at the end of the day.

Here are some products that will reduce these types of ergonomic issues:

-Height adjustable keyboard tray for your keyboard and mouse.  This lowers your shoulders relaxes your upper back.

-Roller Mouse that sits in front of your  keyboard eliminates extended reaching for your mouse.

-A Footrest to raise your feet so they are not dangling or resting on the base.

If you want to get completly ergonomic,  we suggest a sit stand desk that allows you to vary your posture throughout the day.  Be aware that not all sit stand desks are made equal.  Ensure it has the proper height range you need for your sitting and standing height or it’s not worth the investment. To your health!

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cropped-girl-standing.jpgErgonomics is interesting, fun and can greatly improve the quality of your working life. For some people, ergonomics is the best tool available to ensure that they can work. It is not necessary to go through your day feeling tired, cramped, hunched over and just downright crunchy.

And that is what the Kare Products Blog is all about. Helping get you the true solutions to your ergonomic questions and quest just happens to be a passion of ours.

” After 30 years in the ergonomic business, designing 100’s of products, doing 1000’s of ergonomic evaluations, and developing a unique ergonomic evaluation software, we believe we can really assist our clients with real world solutions that they can apply quickly. And remember our <free on line guides to ergonomics the Kare Product web site.
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