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The 5 most recommended ergonomic office chairs

There are many reasons why you should be switching to an ergonomic chair: from less back and neck aches to more comfortable knees and legs, plus you’ll work more productively and safely. The problem is that today there is a huge range of ergonomic chairs on the market, and it is difficult to know what type to buy. Here’s our guide to our 5 most recommended ergonomic chairs ( See also here).There are other ergonomic chairs on the market that might be more suitable for your specific needs, so feel free to get in touch so we can talk you through your options.

mesh ergonomic chair

mesh ergonomic chair

  1. Perfect for after a back injury, or in warm work spaces: Ultimate Ergonomic Mesh Chair [706MERGON] Special price – $389

If you’ve suffered a recent back injury or you work in a warm office setting then a mesh back ergonomic chair could be the perfect solution for you. Pick an ergonomic hybrid mesh seating for additional stability after an injury, and get more control for safe rocking. Key features include: easy-lift back height adjustment and a back forward-tilt adjustment, essentials to fully supporting and fitting your back. This chair has a 3-way stretch mesh offering body hugging comfort, independent control for seat height, seat depth and seat tilt. The contoured seat utilizes Kare’s exclusive dual layer medical grade foam that provides a well cushioned, durable seat, so no more hard plastic edge that most mesh chairs have, which can result in body fatigue and poor circulation.

2. Perfect for longer backs: Executive Power Chair [730]  Special price – $559
ergonomic chair for longer backs

If you’ve got a longer back you’ll need a chair with a high back and special comfort cushions. This hard-working ergonomic chair has a higher back, perfect for taller people. It has a Smart Memory foam sculpted contour seat with medical grade foam on the inside, high back, clean lines and chrome base. It is the Ultimate for people with longer backs, providing high back support: dial in seat tilt, seat depth adjustment, back height, back tilt that supports your comfort with every task. Our tension adjustment sets up this chair for safe rocking. Our executive power chair is highly recommended for anyone needing a stable high back, highly adjustable ergonomic chair with all the extras. With or without arms.

3. Built to last: Executive Mid Back Ergo Chair [803SS]    Special price – $527

executive ergonomic chairDo you find yourself buying a new office chair every few years? This chair is the ultimate investment, saving you money over years of great service. The top selling Executive Ergonomic Office Chair has an infinitely adjustable and cleverly designed dial-in lumbar support. The clever back design puts you in a stress-free, no pain, no strain, natural spine position. Simple fingertip adjustments deliver customized support to your pelvis, spine base, plus your upper back and neck. This chair offers full seat and back height adjustments, seat pan tilt, backrest forward and back tilt, dual density cushions, lumbar support and a full genuine waterfall front. Note our special sliding seat for extra leg support and capacity up to 300 pounds makes this a versatile chair that will last for years.

4. Perfect for crowded offices: Low back Kare Deluxe Task Chair [812SSN]   Special price- $407

low back chairThe Deluxe Task Chair is the definition of optimal sitting. From the unique Task Chair sliding seat depth adjustment for instant extra leg room to a full waterfall front, plus rocking with a safety tension control knob and backrest height adjustment. Once fine-tuned, this chair will keep you working comfortably from 9-5. All cushions are extra thick, dual density foam and our special feature back design supports both the lower AND middle back. This is an ergonomic office chair that helps eliminate circulation and pressure problems, making you feel ergonomically on top of anything you have to do. Dollar for dollar this is one of the most advanced ergonomic chairs available. The low back makes it perfect for medical or busy office settings.

5. Perfect for extra support and deeper seat: Extra space ergonomic chair [806SS]  special price – $573

extra support chairThe Officer’s Ergonomic Office Chair with Extra Lumbar Adjustment has the same features as our model 803SS task chair with a larger seat and wider back. The deeper seat accommodates longer legs and has a higher back, for stabilized lumbar support for individuals needing a roomier chair. The Officer’s Ergonomic Office Chair can be fully adjusted to fit a variety of physical and work environments, featuring individual lever controls for: chair height; seat pan tilt; back angle and depth; back height; rocking, lumbar adjustment and seat depth. The heavy duty construction of the Officer’s Ergonomic Office Chair ensures consistent seating comfort for years. The patented cushions are a heavy duty 3.5 inch 2 layer foam and chair is rated up to 300 Pound Capacity. They provide comfort and support by molding to your body. The special cushions also reduce fatigue and injuries by dissipating moisture and heat. The back and seat platforms are made of seven-layer plywood which is steam molded to ensure durability.

Whatever your shape, size and working conditions there is a perfect ergonomic chair out there for you. Book in to the Kare Products showroom for a personalized email or get in touch by phone or email. We’d love to help you find your dream chair.


Author Byline

Karen Burke is the President and Founder of Kare Products. Karen has over 30 years of expertise creating ergonomic furniture that helps avoid injury and promotes health for all types of discomfort and body sizes.

Designing a Productive Office Environment

Designing a Productive Office Environment Is a Win-Win

Lofty office space

A pleasant office space will help keep employees happy.

According to the International Labour Union ILO, “Americans work 137 more hours per year than Japanese workers, 260 more hours per year than British workers, and 499 more hours per year than French workers.” With an average over 8-plus hours a day spent at work in the United States, employers are realizing that office environments need to be a place employees actually like to go. Furthermore, employers are realizing the importance of an office design that encourages productivity.

Here are some ideas that can help enhance your office to promote success for your employees – especially when you want them to be motivated and doing their best work. Studies show that there are a handful of basic elements that, if incorporated appropriately, will give employees’ greater satisfaction and foster efficiency and creativity. These include:

Comforting environmental design. While this may seem obvious, many employers forego good design in exchange for savings. Smart office space, however, is designed with plenty of natural light, well-planned HVAC integration, colors that soothe and supportive office layouts. Choices made to support optimal functioning.

Subtle aesthetics inside and out. Aesthetics come in many shapes and sizes. Most commonly,
when we talk about office aesthetics, we’re talking about the little things that add up to make a big difference overall. Inside an office environment, these can include lighting design, foliage (plants) and inspiring artwork. Outside the office water features and other visual elements that combine to create a rapport between employees and their workplace.

Ambient workplace temperature. It’s one of the greatest debates among workers who share common HVAC space – what temperature the thermostat should be set to. In many office spaces, locks are used to control the setting. Wherever possible, giving employees more control over their office temperature will bring comfort and focused productivity, while keeping within safety regulations.

Strip away the clutter. You will be surprised how this process alone goes a long ways to helping people think more clearly. Look around with subjective eyes to removing dead plants, discarded boxes of old stuff, and ratty old furniture. Remember to get rid of the computer graveyards while you’re at it. By creating more open space you are fostering open thinking for the company as a whole.

An organized workspace with a green view. An organized workspace with a green view.

A well organized workspace with a green view.

Spaces that promote interaction – but allow for privacy. It’s one thing to have an open floor
plan where thoughts and ideas are easily exchanged, but when it comes time to focus – quietly – does your workspace allow for doors to be closed on the outside world? Effective use of lighting and sound insulation through placement of storage office furniture and ergonomic desk systems like this computer desk can make all the difference when it comes to tuning out distractions and dialing in the focus.

There’s something to be said for incorporating additional quiet spaces, like comfortable conference rooms where employees can think, collaborate and discuss important projects and tasks without noisy interruptions from co-workers.

Looking for some ways to find out what workplace environment elements your employees want? Ask them! Don’t expect employees to provide this kind of feedback to you – you have to go out and get it. Most employees believe their work environment is static. Smart companies allow for, and even encourage feedback that helps them design more productive office environments. Some companies show a willingness to support employees by offering ergonomic evaluations and, if needed, making immediate changes to their workstations. This speaks volumes on the company’s stance in creating a welcoming work place. Whether you put a survey on your corporate intranet or ask informally, employees take notice of their employer’s interest in making their time at work as comfortable and productive as possible.

Author Byline

Karen Burke is the President and Founder of Kare Products. Karen has over 30 years of expertise creating ergonomic furniture that helps avoid injury and promotes health for all types of discomfort and body sizes.

Images: Chrissy Wainwright/Flickr, Travis Isaacs/Flickr