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Ergonomics Kids

How Kids Can Benefit from Ergonomics

We adults already know that ergonomics is beneficial for our bodies, minds, and spirits. We have learned from published research and our own experiences about the importance of proper posture, effective lighting, and ergonomic furniture. Many of us, however, have not paused to consider how our children can benefit from ergonomics. The fact is that they can and do benefit even more than we do. We just need to find a way to make ergonomics fun and exciting for them and they will do the rest! Continue reading

Ergonomics Valentine's Day

Dear Ergo Diva – Valentine’s Day Love

Ergo Diva addresses your ergonomic questions…and their effect on health and well being

This February, Ergo Diva answers three questions from readers about love and health. She imparts advice for healthier lifestyles and healthier outlooks. Her advice continues to help readers around the country and throughout the world implement practices and use of ergonomic furniture and peripherals that alleviate stress, increase productivity, and contribute positively to healthy and happy people around the world. Continue reading