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Woman holding basket with cleaning equipment on bright background. Conceptual photo of spring cleaning.

Dear Ergo Diva – Happy Spring

Ergo Diva addresses your ergonomic questions…and their effect on health and well being

This March, Ergo Diva answers three questions from readers about springtime sports injuries, spring cleaning, and new habits. She imparts advice for healthier lifestyles and healthier outlooks. Her advice continues to help readers around the country and throughout the world implement practices and use of ergonomic furniture and peripherals that alleviate stress, increase productivity, and contribute positively to healthy and happy people around the world.  Continue reading

Hot Desking: Good for Microsoft – Good for you?

Companies like Microsoft have found tremendous benefits in the practice of hot desking, in which workers are not assigned permanent desks, but rather work at any available station. This practice has been found to increase creativity and inspiration and foster collaboration. It creates a culture in which work is something people do as opposed to somewhere people go. Continue reading