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Dear Ergo Diva – April Q&A

Ergo Diva addresses your ergonomic questions…and their effect on health and well being

This April, Ergo Diva answers questions from readers about tax time and gardening and their tolls on bodies and minds. She imparts advice for healthier lifestyles and healthier outlooks. Her advice continues to help readers around the country and throughout the world implement practices and use of ergonomic furniture and peripherals that alleviate stress, increase productivity, and contribute positively to healthy and happy people around the world. Continue reading

How to create peace in the workplace

10 Ideas for Creating a Peaceful Workplace

When we think of the most peaceful places we have experienced, we may think of a favorite spa, a vacation resort, a mountaintop hiking trail, or a beautiful garden. Unfortunately, many of us don’t (yet) spend the majority of our time on mountains or in gardens; instead, we spend our days (and some nights) at the office, in our chairs, at our computers.

However, our workplace can also be a source of clarity and peaceful inspiration. Just follow these ideas to transform your environment, transform your outlook, and transform your results. Continue reading