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Dating Your Office Chair

Office Chair Love

Have you ever had one of those dates where the person you went out with was great looking, but when you tried to have a conversation, they fell short?

I have! And for this reason, I think we should all date our office chair before we commit to an 8-hour-a-day (or more!) relationship. Looks can only get you so far on a date, and the same is true for office chairs. It is not enough to be beautiful. You deserve a chair (and a date!) that will care for you, offer you support, treat you and your body with respect, and help you perform at your best. Continue reading

The Biggest Mistake You Make in Your Office Chair

Office Chair Mistakes

We have all had them: office faux-pas. Whether it was a bad typo in an email to your boss or eating an over-the-top fragrant lunch at your desk, mistakes we make while we sit in our office chairs do happen.

None, however, are quite as harmful as this – the biggest mistake you make in your office chair:  Seated movements.  Twisting, rocking, gyrating – whatever your style, it is bad for you. Continue reading

Dear Ergo Diva – July Q&A


Ergo Diva addresses your ergonomic questions…and their effect on health and well being.

This July, Ergo Diva answers questions about freedom: freedom to picnic without hurting our bodies, freedom to change our work habits for better health, and freedom to take a break and energize our mind and spirit. Ergo Diva helps readers around the country and throughout the world implement practices and use of ergonomic furniture and peripherals that alleviate stress, increase productivity, and contribute positively to healthy and happy people around the world. Continue reading