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To Sit or to Stand: That is the Question

Sit-Stand Dogs

Perhaps the greatest philosophical question of all time is Hamlet’s “to be or not to be.” In the world of office ergonomics, the philosophic debate is “to sit or not to sit.”

While major publications are touting that “sitting is the new smoking,” this scare tactic may be a bit misleading. Don’t get me wrong, I am certainly not recommending being sedentary, but standing for a whole day can be exhausting and frankly, not good for you either. Continue reading

Dear Ergo Diva – August Q&A

Summer Relaxation

Ergo Diva addresses your ergonomic questions…and their effect on health and well being

This August, Ergo Diva answers questions about summer empowerment. As kids prepare to head back to school, we must empower them to find (and properly use) ergonomic backpacks. At the same time, as summer draws to an end, we must empower ourselves to find summertime relaxation throughout the year. Finally, we must empower ourselves during the many hours we spend behind the wheel. Ergo Diva helps readers around the country and throughout the world implement practices and use of ergonomic furniture and peripherals that alleviate stress, increase productivity, and contribute positively to healthy and happy people around the world. Continue reading