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Ergonomic Tips for Expecting Mothers 

Expectant Mothers

Pregnancy: 9 months of excitement, anticipation, nurturing, bonding, and . . . shopping! But even shopping can be a challenge when you are dealing with aches and pains. As your body is growing, stretching, and accommodating a new being, there are some great practices that are easy to take on and will have you feeling relaxed and healthy.

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Have the Dangers of Sitting Been Debunked?

Sit Stand Desk

Inc Magazine, Huffington Post, Forbes, and the Mayo Clinic, all reported that Sitting is the New Smoking and it felt like a scene from “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” We all knew that our sedentary lifestyles were bad for us, and finally someone pointed a finger and backed it up with data.

And then, a couple of months ago, a new study in the International Journal of Epidemiology came out stating sitting time was not associated with mortality risk.

Now, we are all left wondering what to believe – shall we plop on the couch or go out for a walk? Continue reading