Interview: A Prominent Hi-Tech Company Discusses Their Ergonomic Furniture

Modern Ergonomic Office Design

Because Kare Products is passionate about the ergonomic focus of corporations and the furniture they are utilizing, we thought it would be interesting to speak to a variety of organizations to  find out how ergonomics is being implemented and what ergonomic office furniture is being used. It’s always informative to know how they chose what to purchase. Our first interview is with a C-level executive from a large, Silicon Valley based high-tech company whose name must remain undisclosed for privacy measures.



What kind of chair do you sit in?

I try different chairs on the market to see what’s new and what may be added to our collection. Currently testing a new Steelcase model
Steelcase Chair


During the course of your career, what has been your favorite chair?

A leather adjustable Keilhauer

Keilhauer Chair

*Note from Karen Burke:

In the field of ergonomics, we often see issues from this type of chair for individuals with a body type that is typical or on the smaller end of the spectrum.  This chair has a very deep seat, and people cannot enjoy the benefit of back support without experiencing compression to the back of the legs.  Perching on the edge of the chair can only help so much. The length of the chair arms  will not allow the user to sit close enough to the desk or meeting table without rounding the back and shoulders and leaning into the work area.  Often people’s feet dangle or rest on the chair’s base for stability.  When average-sized people work at their desks, using a chair with these types of features contributes to awkward postures and over time, body discomfort.


General Policy

What is your approach towards office furniture, seating, and configuration?

We have a few different configurations that accommodate different work practices (closed offices, studios, open plan, labs, etc.)


What is the process for a worker of yours who wants a new chair? Are there any rules or policy dictating what kind of a chair a person can have?

We have a few approved chairs that are tested for ergonomic capabilities



What kind of chairs are in your offices? What do the employees and senior management use, and which chairs are in your boardroom?,

About 6 different types of ergo-friendly chairs

You mention the impact of ergonomic factors on its website. How does this manifest in the workplace?

Highly adjustable chairs, sit/stand desks, bar-height tables and stools

Have you seen a reduction in lost work days and ergonomic injuries because of the ergonomic program?


Has the company ever received any strange or unusual chair requests?


Are there workers of yours who use standing desks?

Yes, many

With many employees, you must have hundreds and hundreds of chairs – how are these all accounted for?

Make that tens of thousands



About Karen Burke

Karen is the founder and president of Kare Products, specializing in active ergonomic solutions. She has 30 years experience in ergonomic product design and consulting.