Santa Does Ergonomics: Holiday Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Santa's Ergonomic Holiday Gifts

Are you ready for a Christmas that is a little different this year? Instead of shiny electronics, ugly sweaters, or re-gifted fruitcakes, how about a little healthy, modern, and ergonomic fun with gift giving? Whether Santa visits you, or you play “Santa-be-the-trendsetter”, give a gift that gives back everyday!

Best Buds

Everybody has tried the Secret Santa thing. How about this year, try something even better? Ask all your friends to give themselves something they’d love to receive in lieu of gifting each other. Then have a gathering to celebrate your friendship and what great gift givers you are.  Not sure what to get for yourself?  Check out this deluxe memory mesh chair, once adjusted to your body, will fit you so well that you will actually want to take lunch breaks at your desk.

deluxe memory mesh chair

Mama’s got sore shoulders

Car seat massagers are nice, gift cards for massages are lovely, but a gift that keeps on giving is one that helps Mom eliminate the pain from her life. This ergonomic chair is the epitome of joy and the essence of designer cool. Giving Mom a chair that has an extra comfy seat and is fully adjustable is a great way to thank her for always accommodating the entire family.

Ergonomic Chair

Baby’s all grown up

Most kids want games, toys, dolls, and electronics, but what they need is an ergonomic chair that will keep their developing bodies happy and healthy throughout the years. Growing kids need supportive seating that can grow along with them. This comfy task chair has a smaller seat and back, with seat depth and all the features of our fully adjustable ergonomic line.  The seat and back adjust to fit your age and body size.  Good and healthy habits for living a happy life need to be instilled in people from a young age, and this chair is an ideal tool for learning these habits – as well as learning for school.  They may not realize it now, but your kids – and their bodies – will thank you for this!

Ergonomic Task Chair

Papa Bear deserves it all

Most dads are notoriously known for being hard to shop for…they have everything they need, and they rarely want things beyond what they need. Besides, they would not be happy if they knew you spent a lot of money on their gift. Instead of wandering aimlessly around the mall, or hitting Amazon for yet another tie, shaver, or golf balls, how about filling Dad’s stocking with these accessories that will truly make a difference on Christmas morning and all year long:

  • Wrist rest – gifting Dad a combination keyboard and mouse wrist rest will protect his hands like he has always protected you. When he is typing and scrolling, his wrists will be in a non-straining, neutral posture. When it is too hot, he can use the cold vinyl side; when it is chilly, flip to the warm velour side.Ergonomic Wrist Rest
  • Foot rest – whether you stood on Dad’s feet to dance with him like I did or kicked around a soccer ball together, it is about time to give his feet a rest. The adjustable foot rest will allow him to elevate his feet and change their position throughout the day, which keeps his blood flowing and his energy high. This device relieves strain on his body from shoes to shoulders — especially the lower back.

The family that gifts together…

What if Santa could bring something that is good for the entire family? A space for everyone and at a height that fits each family member.  In the North Pole, Santa will be busy in his workshop preparing these Sit Stand Desks that will fit all of your elves:

This one is great for corner spaces:

Corner Desk

Or you can opt for the rectangular desk which has 3 memory height adjustments. The whole family can hang and share this one-size-fits-all desk together.

Rectangular Desk

For a holiday bonus, send us a family portrait with everyone sharing the desk!

There are a wide variety of ergonomic gift options for everyone you love in your life.   So, why waste money on giving your loved ones electronic devices that will become obsolete in the next year?  Give them a gift that will be with them for years to come, improve the quality of their lives, and show that you truly care about their well-being – give them ergonomic furniture!


About Karen Burke

Karen is the founder and president of Kare Products, specializing in active ergonomic solutions. She has 30 years experience in ergonomic product design and consulting.