The Ergonomic Wingo Kindle Case

kindleSure, your Kindle is easier to read than an unruly paperback that won’t stay open. There are a few tips and tools that can add to your relaxed reading comfort. These simple ideas will allow you many hours of reading in comfortable healthy postures.

When using the Kindle or any e-book, be conscious of the postures and the stress in your hands when you’re zooming in and out as well as scrolling. When holding the Kindle in one hand, switch hands from time to time to balance muscles used and minimize prolonged extended hand postures. Be aware of keeping your hand relaxed and don’t over extend your fingers and thumbs into stressful postures that will cause the tendons and ligaments to inflame with repetitive use. Whether it’s arthritis, aching muscles or awkward postures, when it comes to long term reading enjoyment finding the healthiest posture is key.

There are a few solutions that allow you to elevate and angle the tablet to you so your head can be in a more relaxed position over your shoulders as opposed to head forward. This will also allow your hands to rest in a more neutral position as you use all these shortcut gestures to navigate. Awkward postures while scrolling through pages can take a toll on the muscles in your hands especially if you’re resting your wrist on the edge of the table.

In offering healthy solutions, we are seeing a growing number of ergonomically designed tech accessories and even furniture to help encourage safe usage of the devices we all love. The poratble laptop stand is a simple stand sits on a table or desk and offers 3 height angles at a superlap top and kindle holder sales price of $8. For added wrist comfort, consider ordering the gel wrist rest. Another design for avoiding that hunched over posture is the Wingo case with a stand that tilts the Kindle. This design works well for table use or reclined comfort because no matter what your reading posture is, the newly released Wingo case for Kindles is designed for ease. The design of the Wingo case allows the small curved extensions to rest between your thumb and index finger comfortably so that you’re not forced to pinch the tablet. This simple “winged” design allows the hand, wrist and forearm to relax in a comfortable posture when reading. With ergonomics in mind, the soft material of the Wingo case is comfortable to hold and offers added protection to your Kindle if you were to drop it accidentally.

Dr. Anthony D. Andre, a Human Factors and Ergonomics professor at San Jose State University holding a wingogave the Wingo case high praise and recommends it for users who have grown accustom to pinching their tablets., “I have observed countless users of e-reading devices, such as the Kindle, hold the devices for long periods of time with observable awkward postures and pinch grips, both of which are known antecedents of repetitive stress injuries. The Wingo is a simple but elegant solution to the growing dilemma of how to hold tablet devices without undue effort, strain or fatigue… Its “wings” virtually hold onto the user’s hand, negating the need for the user to pinch the device and carry the burden of the weight with the fingertips. I think that it represents a valuable ergonomic option for frequent users of such devices.”

In short, the weight of the Kindle is evenly distributed across both hands instead of putting all the wingopressure on just one hand. For users that want to just use one hand, the wing design still allows you to hold onto the Kindle without having to pinch the device. Be sure to switch it from right to left hand to further minimize muscle tension or go for the effortless, neutral weight distribution by using 2 hands to hold the Kindle. Nice job on making ergonomics a priority Ambulant!

Author Byline

Karen Burke is the President and Founder of Kare Products. Karen has over 30 years of expertise creating ergonomic furniture that helps avoid injury and promotes health for all types of discomfort and body sizes.