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Adjustable Lumbar And Seat Depth, Ergonomic Office Chair

  This amazing back support lets your spine relax naturally upright. You get stress-free sitting posture. And, it actually helps prevent back pain.adjust-lumbar-illus-expanded.jpg

A Simple Fingertip Knob Provides Support Where You Need It Most.


Each person gains pelvis support, base-of-the-spine support along with upper back & neck comfort. This patented support system is used by: NASA, Porsche®, BMW®, Lancia®, Cadillac®.



The simple dial-in control lets you quickly set the lumbar support to your needs. The patented lumbar support coupled with back height adjustment make the Kare Ergonomic Office Chairs some of the most comfortable and effective chairs available.



The Kare lumbar adjustment is totally mechanical so there are very few parts to wear out. When we tested adjustable lumbar supports we found the pump up type of lumbar adjustments had a high failure rate. Mainly in the rubber bladder. That is why we decided that this dial-in lumbar provided our customer with a very high quality adjustment that will last.



Adjustable Seat Depth


ANSI standards require a waterfall front on your chair seat to insure circulation to the legs. This is because the main blood supply runs down the back of your legs and should not be pinched by the front of the seat. Proper circulation reduces the chances of fatigue and circulatory problems in the legs and feet.


Adjustable Seat Depth