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Anti Fatigue Mat Marbleized Top

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  • Body friendly comfort in one attractive, heavy-use anti fatigue mat

    You may not be able to work standing on a pillow, but this is pretty close. For workers in beauty salons, pharmacies, mail rooms and the like, you need to alleviate the discomforts of all day standing. That's why you can't beat the Tile-Top Mats -- a mat that combines fatigue-eliminating comfort with attractive design and total durability.

    A perennial best seller, this attractive, marble-surface anti fatigue mat has a thick, body-friendly rubber-sponge base and holds its good looks even in very heavy-use areas. Since this anti fatigue mat is resistant to high heels it is perfect for office use. We suggest placing an anti fatigue mat at the copier, mail station, coffee stand or reception desk.

    • Best for all dry work areas
    • Marbleized rubber top 3/32 thick, rated Heavy Duty
    • Safety beveled safety edges
    • Ideal for counter areas, print area or service counters
    • Smooth surface
    • Puncture resistant
    • Made in USA
  • Anti Fatigue Mats

    By the end of the day, that's all you can think about is sitting in the nearest chair. Your whole body aches ... for a place to rest. Standing for hours on steel or concrete will particularly take a toll on your back and legs.

    For relief, use anti-fatigue or slip-trip mats for added cushioning, support and stability. Mats protect the body from hard floors and aid in relieving back and leg strain and excess tension on feet and leg muscles. They also decrease blood stagnation that causes varicose veins. Safety mats meet OSHA safety standards by visibly alerting workers to accident-prone areas. Mats also reduce workers' fatigue by 50 percent as proven effective in studies by the University of Michigan and Lougborough.


    An anti-fatigue mat provides essential body support and cushioning to help you feel more comfortable, energized and productive throughout the day.

    Slip-Trip Mats

    A slip-trip mat is recommended in clean-up industrial areas to ensure safety, traction and drainage.


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    Office Mats

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