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Anti Fatigue Mats

Product-Images/ESD-Mat-MSDC-mn.jpgBack, knees and feet-oh my! There’s no way around it. Whether you’re standing on tile, or industrial carpet, essentially you’re standing on cement. Over time, our bodies respond in kind–like a cement statue.

Research shows that fatigue sets in after only 90 minutes of standing on a concrete floor! And while standing encourages movement, (which is good for you), standing on hard floors can cause its own set of problems.1

Thankfully, studies confirm that anti-fatigue matting can help reduce the discomfort and pain associated with standing or walking on hard floors.

Kare Products’ ergonomic mats support circulation and minimize fatigue when standing and give your back, feet and legs some extra TLC.

The flexibility of our anti-fatigue mats causes muscles to subtly contract and expand in order to adjust the stance. These natural, very slight changes in position result in increased blood-flow and increased oxygen to the heart–which in turn helps reduce fatigue and promote good posture!

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Workers who stand for long periods of time are at risk for musculoskeletal injuries and fatigue due to static load on their back and leg muscles. For people with existing foot problems who stand at work, the risk can be even higher.

Kare Products’ mats are designed for maximum energy support, manufactured with materials that are neither too soft or too hard, but with just the right amount of cushion from one half inch thick up to 1 inch thick.  Some tasks require a firmer surface, while other tasks that involve longer periods of standing need a more cushioned mat.  We offer 2 of the most popular sizes, and can often accommodate unique size or shape needs.  

Ergonomics is not just about comfort, it’s about safety, too.  According to the US department of labor, “a leading cause of worker-related injury and death comes from employees slipping, tripping, or falling from work surfaces such as floors, platforms…”. Kare Products’ slip protection mats and chemical resistant mats are carefully designed to prevent slips and trips. Our industrial anti-fatigue mats and office anti-fatigue mats feature beveled edges to prevent tripping.  Got custom needs? Ask about our mats designed to fit counters and support your feet.

When wet weather hits, our entry way mats help minimize tracking of dirt and moisture, adding an extra element of safety.

Sit-stand desks are a great addition to an ergonomic workstation, and the addition of a cushioned standing desk mat at each stand desk provides a foundation of comfort and ease relieving low back  knees, ankle and foot tension.  Our company-wide favorite mat is the high heeled mat which is resilient and offers the most cushion.  And yes, they are tough enough to withstand any punctures from the spiked high heel shoes! 

We also offer a specialty standing mat that is tough enough to handle the weight of chairs, and ESD anti-static mats.

Be sure to give us a call to help you determine what mats will be your best fit for you and your team.