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Everything I Needed To Learn About Ergonomics, I Learned In Kindergarten – Our post on Thought Catalog!

Ergonomics is a big word for what kindergarteners would call “being healthy and having fun.” In the grown-up world, ergonomics is an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely.

Sometimes, if we take a step back from the big definitions and the big words, we can learn a lot from kids, who seem to do ergonomics innately.

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A sweet Valentine from customers who are sitting more comfortably, thanks to Kare Products

For over ten years we’ve worked with Injoy Videos, a growing company that provides instructional videos covering the span of childbirth — from pregnancy to birth and beyond. The week before Valentine’s Day, five of their employees visited our 4,500 square foot state-of-the-art ergonomic showroom to experience Kare Products’ unique “perfect chair fit.” We addressed their exact body sizes, daily tasks and physical needs to find the best chair solution. Each employee sat at the adjustable desk which was set to their current desk height. Through this process, the team discovered the difference that the Kare Chairs made to their posture and comfort. The InJoy Video team continues to appreciate the importance of ergonomic working conditions and employee comfort for maximum productivity.

Mesh office chair

Because of the different body heights and sizes, each employee selected a chair that worked best for them. One of the most popular chairs, the Mesh Task chair with the medium back, worked well for the editing department. This well-priced chair offers full ergonomic support for your body: it has a smart memory contoured seat with a height-adjustable back that tilts and a seat depth adjustment. These are what we consider “essentials” for your perfect fit.

ergonomic office chair

The roomier high back office chair offers a deeper, wider seat for people with longer legs and also dial-in lumbar support. The back and seat cushions are made of 2-layer medical grade foam a

nd a seven-layer plywood form, to ensure a comfortable fit for years to come. The patented, heavy-duty cushions reduce fatigue, and provide support. Perhaps you’ve experienced seat cushions that “go flat”- these are single-layer foam cushions that are poorly made and can affect circulation over time.

Like many of our customers, they fell in love with our foot rest, complete with self-massage option. This indulgent office foot rest will relax your muscles and relieve pressure on your calves. It raises your feet for proper support of a standard desk.

They also purchased an adjustable LCD monitor arm, so they could adjust their monitors to a comfortable height. No more neck strain and sore back while working, thanks to another great Kare Product ergonomic idea!


Thank you Injoy Team!

Thank you Injoy Team

Ergo News & Inventions

Ergonomic News and Fun Stuff from Kare Products

There’s always something newsworthy going on in the world of ergonomics, and we’ve brought you a few noteworthy items circling the news recently. It’s encouraging to see ergonomic design challenging some of the status quo – especially when it’s obvious that ergonomic design makes certain activities easier on our bodies, and makes us more productive as well.

The Age-Old Shovel Design Gets an Ergonomic Facelift
Bosse Tools recently made headway on getting their ergonomic shovel project funded via Kickstarter. The company’s quest to improve on the age-old design of the shovel got them over $64,000 in funding from various supporters online. The company had started with just one shovel design in 2011, but realized their ergonomic handle technology could be applied to other shovel styles as well. The design is intended to improve posture and reduce back pain associated with shoveling while also relieving wrist pain by taking the wrist out of the supinated position. With this fundraising goal met, the company plans to begin full-scale production and sales in 2014.
ergonomic shovel

ergonomic shovel


The Family that Longboards together Has More Fun- With a Baby Seat and Ergonomic

ergonomic roller stroller

Developed by the
Quinny company, the four-wheeled longboard stroller will feature a full-sized stroller chair at the front of the board with ergonomic handles that provide comfort, greater stability and more control. Long boards are a popular way to get around – slower than biking and faster than walking – yet nobody has really found a way to make it a viable way to transport a young child – until now.

Treadmill Workstations-An Improvement to Health and Productivity?

In other ergonomic news, more studies are showing that “inactive physiology” (also known as

treadmill ergo desk

sitting) has negative health effects. In fact, some studies re suggesting that too much sitting should be considered an independent risk factor for chronic diseases including diabetes and heart disease. One solution to the problem that’s gaining popularity is converting workstations to a standing-based setup and adding a treadmill.

But what of productivity? Reports from ergonomists in the field tell a different story that presents pros and cons. Some will say that once people adjust to life with a treadmill desk, their productivity doesn’t suffer. Other ergonomists are loud and clear that there is a trade-off and other ergonomic issues can emerge. Stay tuned for a follow up article on the effects of treadmill workstations. Movement, breaks and even switching from a sitting desk to a standing desk without a treadmill have positive health benefits.

Going Green With Ergonomics in the Garden
Outside of the workplace, in the garden to be more specific, ergonomic design is becoming more common as baby boomers age and seek out tools that enable them to enjoy gardening without the aches and strains that come with poorly designed tools. Companies like
Fiskars and Green Heron Tools are making gardening more pleasurable by introducing products like the HERshovel and the PowerGear lopper. Both companies are recognizing that their customers make up a broad spectrum of ages and are demanding tools that contribute to their enjoyment of gardening.


Another place where ergonomic design is slowly but surely making a presence is on the baseball ergonomic baseball batdiamond. Major League Baseball has recently approved an ergonomic bat deign that has the potential to prevent injuries to the hamate – a wrist bone known to pro baseball players for its inclination to break. Most breaks of this nature require surgery and upwards of eight weeks to heal.

To address this, Grady Phelan, a graphic designer, has invented and patented the ProXR baseball bat. The major difference between his bat and traditional bats is the ergonomically designed knob at the base that contours to the user’s hand in a way that avoids putting pressure on the hamate. The design has captured the attention of several players, and the biggest hurdle has been breaking through the tradition and superstition of major league players.

These are just a few of the stories as the world embraces ergonomics. Stay tuned for the latest news and fun stuff from the world of ergonomics as it makes the headlines. 


Karen Burke is the President and Founder of Kare Products. Karen has over 30 years of expertise creating ergonomic furniture that helps avoid injury and promotes health for all types of discomfort and body sizes.

The Ergonomic Expo and Conference 2013

ergo expoProfessionals all over the United States are gearing up for the National Ergonomics Conference and Exposition, scheduled to be held December 4 – 6, 2013 at the Cesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mark Pierre, owner of Center for Physical Health says there is, “Something for everyone! Whether you are an ergonomics expert or a first timer exploring the field, ErgoExpo brings together the latest education and technology in a rich environment to learn and discover!

Human resource professionals, physical therapists, operations managers, CEOs, COOs, CIOs, occupational health nurses, ergonomists, safety professionals and others will have an opportunity to network and return home with new strategic contacts, as well as the power to make informed decisions on how to improve their safety and ergonomics programs, as well as to see live demonstrations of thousands of products (some of which are being introduced to the public for the fist time) and be able to see an touch them, as well as compare them side by side to other products from the industry’s leading vendors.

Organizations and enterprises are beginning to understand the importance of reducing workplace injuries and increasing productivity, not only for the safety and well being of their human resources, but also in the interest of saving millions of dollars and increasing returns. By attending to safety and ergonomics concerns, organizations can:

  • Increase Productivity
  • Boost Profitability
  • Improve Safety
  • Reduce Workplace Injuries
  • Protect your aging workforce

With an impressive agenda of keynote speakers, workshops and 66 breakout sessions in addition to the exposition, the ErgoExpo is sure to be of tremendous value to all those who attend.

ErgoSchool Lunch & Learns

An agenda add-on, attendees can join the Lunch and Learn at noon on December 5, 2013. The Lunch and Learn experience allows for a more casual environment that both attendees and speakers enjoy; attendees can share their personal experience and concerns, and industry leaders moderate the discussions at each table to allow for a unique and creative peer to peer session discussion over a wonderful meal.

Webinar Wednesday Presentations

In addition to the ErgoExp, interested CIOs, CEOs and HR professionals, as well as ergonomics and safety professionals can attend the series of webinars that take place on the second Wednesdays of the month.

These Webinar presentations for Webinar Wednesdays throughout 2013 are a good example of the kind of valuable information attendees will have access to at the ErgoExpo in Las Vegas.


Karen Burke is the President and Founder of Kare Products. Karen has over 30 years of expertise creating ergonomic furniture that helps avoid injury and promotes health for all types of discomfort and body sizes.


2013 National Safety Council Congress & Expo

NSC expo

NSC expo

It’s that time of year again. The National Safety Council Congress and Expo is set to kick off on September 28th at the McCormick Place in Chicago Illinois. The week long event will see several industry leaders in the fields of health and safety gathering to discuss some of the biggest innovations and changes in workplace safety. The NSC Congress and Expo has been taking place annually for over 100 years and this year’s event looks to be one of the best yet!


About NSC Congress and Expo



The event is hosted by the National Safety Council, which is a nonprofit whose goal is to “save lives by preventing injuries and deaths at work, in homes and communities and on the road through leadership, research, education and advocacy.” In order to spread their message, the NSC partners with businesses, the government, and even the public to hold events and perform research.

The goal of this industry meet-up is to set a stage for companies to learn about the different equipment and tools available to them in order to ensure their employees have a safe and healthy work environment. The Congress portion consists of seminars and discussions. The Expo portion allows attendees to browse and visit booths from hundreds of exhibitors showcasing the latest in safety solutions.

While there is a wealth of information available online about the best practices for workplace safety, nothing beats live presentations by leaders from nationally recognized companies such as Grainger and Honeywell. Combining informative speeches, live demonstrations, and even mixing in some Q&A, the 2013 NSC Congress and Expo is a can’t miss opportunity for all businesses.

There’s more to the NSC Congress and Expo than just information. It is also a great opportunity to network and mingle with other business leaders and likeminded professionals. During the “Rock ‘n’ Community: Connections for a Cause” and the “National Awards Celebration”, attendees are encouraged to get some face to face time with each other and network.

Who will you see?

Due to the excitement and popularity of the event, companies from several industries attend every year. You can expect to see companies from manufacturing, construction, petrochemical, transportation, utilities and more.

Some of the notable keynote speakers include:

  • Captain Mark Kelly: Commander of the Space Shuttle Endeavor’s Final Mission
  • Janet Froetscher: President & CEO of the NSC
  • Greg Hale: Vice President and Chief Safety Officer for the Walt Disney Company
  • Mr. Paul O’Neill: 72nd Secretary of the U.S. Treasury

There will also be plenty of exhibitors showcasing their newest products and tools for workplace safety:

  • 3M
  • Contour Design
  • Safety Awareness Solutions
  • OSHA
  • OccuNomix International

Dates and important information

The Congress and Expo kick start on two separate days.

  • Congress: September 28th-October 4th
  • Expo: September 30th-October 2nd

Those interested in attending can register online, by mail, or via fax. Currently, tickets for both the Congress and the Expo for NSC members and government workers are $800 and $1,000 for non-members. Students can attend the event for free.

Why should you attend?

Companies interested in improving the health and safety of their employees are highly encouraged to attend. There is no better place to get out and learn more about what you can do to put better practices in place at your company than the NSC Congress and Expo.

Join thousands of other business leaders at the 2013 NSC Congress and Expo.

Author Byline

Karen Burke is the President and Founder of Kare Products. Karen has over 30 years of expertise creating ergonomic furniture that helps avoid injury and promotes health for all types of discomfort and body sizes.

The 29th Annual National VPPPA Conference

VPPPA_conferenceAttention all occupational safety, health, and environmental leaders and industry workers: Registration for the 29th Annual National VPPPA Conference is now officially open. The conference, which will be held in conjunction with VPPPA Expo 2013, will take place at the Gaylord Opryland Convention Center in Nashville, TN from August 26-29, 2013. The Expo will feature over 200 companies showcasing the latest innovations, products, and tools related to safety, health and environmental products and services. The conference, expected to attract about 3,000 participants, is comprised of a non-stop stream of professional workshops and keynote speakers who will address the most timely and relevant subjects in the field.

VPPPA, otherwise known as the Voluntary Protection Programs Participants’ Association, Inc., is the leading member-based organization dedicated to cooperative occupational safety, health and environmental management systems. The association serves as a support network for participants from a wide range of industries and provides networking opportunities, legislative information, educational and mentoring opportunities, professional development, and industry advancements for over 2,000 companies which are involved in applying to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) or to the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP). It also provides access to preferred vendors and consultants dedicated to VPP, many of whom will be featured at the upcoming VPPPA Expo 2013 and 29th Annual National VPPPA Conference.

At the core of the four-day conference are two full days of workshops addressing 21st century safety, health, and environmental issues. The Expo will highlight cutting edge innovations and products in occupational safety and health, including current best practises and programs.

Free pre-conference workshops are offered on Sunday, August 25, 2013 with seven skill-building workshops (for an additional fee) and an opportunity for networking. You will find a wide range of safety and health seminars offered on Tuesday and Wednesday listed below.

VPPPA Conference Workshops Tuesday, August 27, 2013

  • VPP in Tough Economic Times: The vice president of a Fortune 500 company explains how to achieve VPP results and increase employee morale and ownership even during tough times, thereby laying a foundation of future success
  • How VPP Can Save You Money: Learn how VPP prevents injuries and illness and lowers workers’ compensation fees and insurance claims
  • VPP Safety Leadership: Learn about the role of senior leadership in maintaining safety paradigms as well as the company’s VPP Star
  • Contractor Safety in the VPP World: Discover tips, tricks, and tools from on OSHA administrator for working with on-site contractors, including contractor selection and management
  • Responding to Violence in the Workplace: Learn from an Emergency Preparedness Administrator and Surety and Security Manager how to handle disgruntled employees in the workplace and what to do (i.e. hide, get out, or take out) if an active shooter enters your premises
  • Strategies for Safety Improvement: Rotate through three workstations as you learn how to prevent slips, trips and falls and other ergonomic injuries and repetitive traumas on the job
  • Winning Strategies for Increased Safety Ownership: Learn about current safety best practices and how a model of model of engagement, cultural transformation, and worker safety ownership can lay the foundation for operational success in a matter of a single year
  • OSHA Fall Regulations and Standards: In an ever-changing landscape, learn about new changes in upcoming fall protection program regulations, helping your organization increase safety and achieve compliance

VPPPA Conference Workshops Wednesday, August 28, 2013 

  • Incentive Programs to Encourage Safe Practices and Reduce Injury Incidence: Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of using positive reinforcement to reduce the incidence of injuries and achieve corporate safety
  • Personal Stories to Set You on the Path to Safety Excellence
  • Improving Safety through Mobile Technology: Learn about the over tested 750 apps and how mobile communication devices can be utilized to improve safety and work performance, time efficiencies, and communications and reduce costs
  • Employee Involvement: Discover how enhanced employee involvement in maintaining workplace safety helps foster ownership at the workforce level and thereby achieve a safety culture and improved safe work habits
  • Safety Eyewear and ANSI Standards: Get up to date on the standards governing safety eyewear, including mandated safety standards and testing requirements as well as available technologies used to produce safety eyewear
  • NASA’s Culture Club: How NASA Builds and Sustains VPP: Receive a summary of NASA’s winning safety culture model which has earned its federal government sites VPP status
  • How Loss Prevention Observations Improve Safety: Learn about the loss prevention observation (LPO) tool which provides opportunities for observing and maintaining knowledge of site and regulatory standards, for identifying behaviours/standards that need correction, for determining root causes, and for developing solutions and improving intervention skills in a process which aims to improve safety with each successful observation
  • VPP Company Success Stories: An overview of companies which have already achieved Merit or Star status through their VPP principles and management systems
  • The Role of Frontline Supervisors in Affecting Safety Performance
  • Conducting Effective Electrical Safety Audits
  • The Rules, Requirements, and Importance of Documentation
  • Using Technology to Manage Your Safety Systems

If your company strives to achieve a world-class safety program, be sure to mark August 26-29th on you calendars and attend VPPPA Expo 2013 and the 29th Annual National VPPPA Conference in person.

Author Byline 

Karen Burke is the President and Founder of Kare Products. Karen has over 30 years of expertise creating ergonomic furniture that helps avoid injury and promotes health for all types of discomfort and body sizes.

ISOES Conference 2013

The 25th Annual International Occupational Ergonomics and Safety Conference is right around the corner, and it is shaping up to be an informative and eventful couple of days. The International Society hosts the conference for Occupational Ergonomics & Safety. The ISOES’s goal is to help make working environments across the globe safer, healthier, and subsequently more productive through ergonomics.

The ISOES conference is designed to shed light on the advancements that have been made in occupational ergonomics and to promote the message of ISOES. Many of the world’s leaders in workplace safety, ergonomics, and technology will be attending. The conference will take place June 6th – 7th, and will be jam packed with presentations and demonstrations on both days.

Several topics and issues will be presented such as workplace safety/health, technological advancements in ergonomics, ergonomic construction, cognitive ergonomics, biomechanics, and much more. The ISOES will be distributing CD’s loaded with papers and abstracts on these topics as well.

The conference will start off on Thursday with a speech from the president of ISOES, Dr. Paul Ray. Following his welcoming session, Dr. Hongwei Hsiao will give a Plenary Speech on some of the challenges and opportunities in occupational ergonomics and safety. Dr. Hsiao is known for his work in the Safety and health technology field. Ms. Diane S. DeGaetano of Merial US Region will be giving a Banquet Speech to round out the first day of the conference.

Several educational sessions are scheduled and other presenters include:

  • Ashish Nimbarte
  • Richard Wyatt
  • Roger C. Jensen
  • Naira Campbell-Kyureghyan
  • James L. Smith
  • Lawrence J.H. Schulze
  • Dennis Brickman
  • Brian C. Grieser
  • Gabriel Ibarra-Mejia


The ISOES is also opening their doors to students who wish to attend the conference. This gives aspiring engineers or students interested in ergonomics a chance to learn and see real world applications of ergonomic design in the workplace. The cost to attend the event is $349 for members and $429 for non-members. Students receive a discounted rate of $100. Get your tickets and visit the conference on June 6th and 7th in Atlanta Georgia. You can visit the ISOES website for more information.

Author Byline

Karen Burke is the President and Founder of Kare Products. Karen has over 30 years of expertise creating ergonomic furniture that helps avoid injury and promotes health for all types of discomfort and body sizes.