When to Choose a High Back and Low Back Ergo Chair

funny office chairMaybe you’ve been suffering from low back or shoulder pain, and you are looking for an ergonomic office chair that will bring relief. Maybe your old reliable office chair has finally fallen apart and you’ve decided to check out the ergonomic chairs that your colleagues have been telling you about. Whatever your reasons, there’s a lot of choice when it comes to the right ergonomic chair. How do you find the perfect office chair for you? And should you choose a high back chair or a low back?

A low back chair is a good choice for smaller bodies, or for tight spaces, like small office cubicles.

Our Deluxe Task Chair (812SS) is a great option for people looking for an ergonomic low back

low back ergonomic chair

low back ergonomic chair

chair. It has a smaller seat, with an adjustable back for maximum comfort and tilt. The chair back is designed to fit snugly into your low back, providing support, and the seat adjusts to accommodate your leg length. This chair is available with and without arms. It is the preferred chair for hospitals.

We find that most people are more comfortable with a higher back chair- at least shoulder blade height. We recommend you take a look at our High Back Ergonomic Chair (817L). This popular ergonomic chair comes with an option of arms or no arms, an adjustable seat depth which is great for different height people, an adjustable back (height and tilt) and dial-in lumbar support for extra comfort. The High Back Ergonomic Chair (817L)

High back ergonomic chair

High back ergonomic chair

is the number one choice for task to executive seating and is a great fit for home or private offices as well as multiple workstations.

When choosing your perfect ergonomic office chair you need to take into consideration both your space constraints and your comfort. Whether choosing a low back chair or a high back chair it is important that the chair back adjusts not only in height but also tilts toward your body and fully fits your back when you’re working at your computer. (Most of us tend to sit on the edge of the chair because the seat is too deep or there is no back tilt option.) The seat depth adjustment helps get you positioned for the most comfort. When your body is not fidgeting to get comfortable and you are in an upright relaxed posture, that’s when you know your chair is the right fit for you.

Here at Kare Products we offer a wide range of ergonomic chairs for all body sizes and other ergonomic office furniture. You can buy our chairs online, contact one of our ergonomic specialists or come to our showroom in Boulder, Colorado for an expert on-site fitting. Maybe you’ll find a chair you’d never want to part from, like this one:

best office chair

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Karen Burke is the President and Founder of Kare Products. Karen has over 30 years of expertise creating ergonomic furniture that helps avoid injury and promotes health for all types of discomfort and body sizes.