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Cabinets and Files

You may be asking what does storage have to do with ergonomics? Well, ask yourself, are you doing the twist every time you need a file?

Is it a reach to get the things you need throughout the day? Do you have to have a tug of war to get your file drawers open? All this twisting, pulling and reaching is hard on your body, not to mention the stress it adds! Kare Products storage solutions can help keep you organized, functioning well and ergonomically correct. How about adding shorter office filing cabinets that slide right under your desk no matter what the height? Or a pedestal storage unit that sits right next to your workstation? Our solutions are designed to put the things you need the most right at your fingertips. And since our office furniture cabinets are built to Kare Product’s demanding manufacturing standards doors and drawers open and close smoothly and quietly. And of course, they’re built to last. We offer simple metal or well-built green storage options to meet your eco standards and fit your budget. Check out our designer lines that match your new adjustable desks!