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Chair cylinder 5 inch

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  • Tried of your chair not holding height... here is your replacement chair cylinder!

    The Kare 5 inch Chair Cylinder is a heavy duty cylinder built to last. Provides a 5 inch travel and fits most basic five star bases. This is the standard office chair cylinder with a height range of 17" to 21" on most office chairs.

    • 5" Travel, 17-21" for most office chairs
    • Reinforced cylinder seals
    • Self lubricating

  • Chair Cylinder Removal

    Use a hammer. Be sure to protect surfaces by placing a cloth over any area that comes in contact with hammer. This will ensure that you don't mar the chair or damage base. The cylinder is held in place by pressurized seal and it may be hard to loosen the seal. That may require WD-40 (see Tips below) and or repeat the steps a few times.

    1. Extend cylinder of chair to maximum height.

    2. Lay chair on the floor.

    3. Push plastic skirt on the cylinder down to expose the shiny part of the cylinder. You may use tape to keep cylinder cover out of the way.

    4. Remove five star base by tapping five star base near the cylinder and rotating the five star base so you can tap on each leg.

    5. Safety Tip: Position your body so the cylinder is pointed away from your face. When the pressure seal releases it will move fast. Have the cylinder pointed away from your face.

    Next, grasp the cylinder and strike the four corners of the black mechanism until cylinder is removed. It may be necessary to rotate the chair around so you can strike the four corners of the chair mechanism in order to loosen cylinder.


    • If you have difficulties removing the cylinder apply WD-40 to the contact point, where the cylinder fits into the chair mechanism. Give the WD-40 time to penetrate the areas that are difficult to remove.
    • Clean all WD-40 off of mechanism before installing new cylinder.
    • It may be necessary to repeat the steps a few times.

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