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Comfort Lumbar Back Support

$111.00 $89.00
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  • Don't take fatigue sitting down: get maximum comfort and lumbar support

    In truth, your back isn't crazy about sitting. Fatigue, aches and tension all creep up when you sit for long periods. But here's back protection worth it's weight in gold: the Kare Comfort Lumbar Back Support. It's one of the premier back support cushions available today and is designed to deliver maximum comfort and support. It's specially engineered with a thin profile and greater height to provide continuous exceptional comfort and support for people of all statures.

    The rigid, heavy-duty plastic core is encased in a breathable foam pad that fits snugly to the contour of your spine. A 60" strap allows you to fit it to any seat or chair. All in all, this is how your back fights back against discomfort.

    • Gives you total back relief in an uncomfortable chair or automobile seat
    • Rigid, heavy duty plastic core is encased in a breathable foam pad that fits snugly to the contour of the spine
    • Includes a 60" adjustable belt for securing to any chair, or automobile or truck seat
    • Colors Blue
    • Dimensions 13 w x 22.5 h x 1.5 d
  • Back Support

    Many people think a back injury is caused by a single event ... probably not so. It's more likely the injury results from the cumulative effect of excessive sitting, standing, bending, twisting or lifting or more importantly, by performing these tasks without caution or proper guidelines.

    Before you plunge into Hercules mode to lift a huge load, first think about the task at hand and consider if the load is even safe for you to handle alone. If it's not, team up with a lifting buddy. But if you can lift it alone, ask yourself if you're taking every precaution to protect the ever-important mainframe of your body -- your spine

      Your spine has a massive responsibility to support the rest of the body so you should do whatever it takes to protect it. It has three essential purposes: 1. Maintain the structure of your trunk and allow for body mobility 2. Protect the nervous system (spinal cord) 3. Act as a shock absorber

    Go back and read these purposes again. Let us emphasize the huge responsibility of your spine to the rest of your body!

    More than one million workers suffer back injuries each year accounting for one out of every five workplace injuries and illnesses. And back injuries are costly claims. They account for one-fourth of all workers compensation claims, costing businesses billions of dollars each year.

    To properly align your spine and support your back's muscle groups during lifting and repetitive motion situations in a manufacturing, assembly or warehouse environment, support your back safely with a back belt. It is the perfect accessory to following proper procedures and preventing injury.

    Other ways to keep your back safe and improve posture and to keep the natural curve of your spine intact is by performing a daily stretching exercise for the back. Warm up stretching will go a long way to reduce the incidence of back injury to the lower lumbar and abdominal regions. Try to keep loads below shoulder height or waist-high and remember it is good practice to lift with the load close to your body. Lastly, eliminate twisting motions, which places considerable stress on the spine.

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