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Ever feel like your desk is a plate of spaghetti with all the cords tangled, so that you’re tugging and reaching up, over and down for your keyboard and mouse? Is your CPU is blocking your legs every time you move?! Well at Kare Products we’ve got the full line ergonomic desk accessories to get you set up for a well organized space and maximum focus. Our ergonomic office accessories include CPU holders that attach under your desk to minimize cord issues, carts with wheels to hold CPUs, printers and other equipment, as well as monitor arms for quick and easy height and depth monitor adjustments. Our sleek, sturdy keyboard trays accommodate both the keyboard AND mouse – so everything is at the same height for maximum ergonomic efficiency. And let's not forget anti-fatigue mats for standing at your desk or the copier.. Visit our website for our full line of ergonomic accessories.

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