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Economy Easy Adjust Retract Keyboard Tray 21” track, Slider Mouse Platform

$228.00 $182.00
(You save $46.00)
  • Keyboard Tray with ample mouse area on the right or left

    The Delux Keyboard Tray is one of the most popular Keyboard Tray that we provide. It's heavy duty keyboard and mouse platform provides a low profile look that make it easy to adjust. One of the best features is the Free Knee Clearance that insures that your knees do not come in contact with an parts. You can swivel to your heart delight because there is nothing under the keyboard tray to stop you.

    A truly Green Product that uses steel that is recycled and recyclable. The platform that holds your keyboard and mouse are made of recycled plastic that is compressed and sealed to make it rock hard.

    The 9.5" mouse platform slides under the keyboard for right or left hand mouse use. It has three forward positions so you can bring it closer to you to relieve shoulder and arm fatigue.

    When you are looking for a ergonomic height adjustable keyboard tray the Delux Keyboard Tray family is a proven winner.

    • Two track lengths, 17 or 21 inches
    • Green Products uses recycled and recyclable materials
    • Keyboard platform 20.7 x 11
    • Mouse platform 9.5" surface
    • Mouse platform slides to right or left, three depth positions
    • Mouse platform distance can be adjusted for arm reach, reduces shoulder tension
    • Height range 8.38" inches, 6.13" below, 2.25" above
    • Height indicator shows height for easy reset
    • Indicator for Slant angles from +10 to -15 degrees
    • Easily stores under desk with smooth Teflon track, 17 or 22 inch track
    • Limited Lifetime warranty
  • How To Measure Your Desk For A Retractable Keyboard Tray
    In selecting a Keyboard Tray there are a couple of steps to insure it will fit your desk and work needs.

    The track is what permits you to slide the keyboard under your desk for storage. The track screws to the underside of your desk with 6-8 wood screws. It is easiest if the underside of your desk is flat. Meaning no braces or legs that would make attaching the track difficult. Tracks come in two length of either 18" or 22". Measure under your desk and see what space is available. If you have less than 22" then you should order a Keyboard Tray with an 18" track and if you have 22" of space (depth from front of desk to back of desk) then order a Keyboard Tray with a 22" track. If you have 22" or more than you will be able to slide the keyboard tray all the way under your desk for storage. An 18" track will still permit you to store your keyboard under the desk but it will have about an 1" that will show a little.

    Platform for Keyboard and Mouse

      1. Rectangular 27" x 11"


    2. Right or Left Hand Mouse, Keyboard 21" x 11", Mouse circular 9" dia.


    3. Sliding Mouse Platform, mouse can slide from right to left and also has three forward positions to bring mouse closer or away from your seated work position.

    Keyboard Arm Specifications
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