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Product-Images/tempo monitor arm up and down thumbnail.pngComputers are a modern way of life. But computer-centered workstations or other places you work using a computer such as traveling, your favorite cafe or the dining room table can become ergonomic messes causing back pain, eye strain and wrist injury.

In fact, carpal tunnel syndrome accounts for 15% of workplace injuries, and 42% of those result in 30 days or more of missed work. Plus, multiple studies confirm that Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSD‘s) are on the rise among computer users around the world.2

At Kare Products, we’re passionate about helping you work more comfortably and prevent computer-related injury! Our ergonomic computer accessories can go a long way to improve your workstation for a very modest investment.

We offer ergonomic products that help support neutral posture with the least amount of stress on your body when you’re at the computer. With neutral posture you’ll experience fewer aches and have much more energy after a day’s work.

Let our team of ergonomic consultants help you select the right ergonomic computer products for a healthier, happier, more productive you. 


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Why exactly is your neck a wreck?  How did your shoulders get into a permanent scrunched position? Why are your wrists perched on the edge of your desk?  These are all postures that become habits from sitting at work areas that don’t fit our bodies.  If you can’t get a desk that fits your body, then you’ll have to find ways to modify it.  And that’s where we come in with tools to help support your neutral posture.  Neutral posture is the least amount of stress on your body when you’re working at the computer. By sitting in neutral posture, you will experience less aches and have much more energy after a day’s work.

Proper monitor placement is one of the most important aspects of computer ergonomics for a happier neck. Getting your documents aligned with Kare Products’ document holders can bring big relief to your neck, too.

Wrist support is another critical element to alleviate compression that happens when the wrist is hanging on the desk edge. That’s why Kare Products invested countless hours in finding just the right material and custom designing our ‘Smart Gel Wrist Rests.’ You won’t find these super supportive ergonomic wrist rests for both your keyboard and mouse anywhere else.  

When it comes to shoulder relief,  our ergonomic keyboard trays offer multi-adjustments for your relaxed fit- height, tilt and easily retractsto get your shoulders relaxed and your elbows and wrists in proper alignment. 

Don’t forget about your legs and feet-If your feet are resting on the chair base or dangling, it can affect your circulation and may lead to fatigue, and low back tension. Kare Products offers an array of ergonomic footrests for support and to encourage good circulation. From your head to your toes, Kare computer ergonomics will keep you at your energetic best. Call our team to help you determine the best computer accessories for your comfort and health.