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Guide to monitor placement

Get rid of those pains your computer is causing with these simple

steps to the ergonomics of monitor placement.


Tip #1

Place the monitor directly in front of you. You should be able to imagine a straight line through the middle of the monitor screen, the keyboard and yourself. Adjust the position of the monitor, the keyboard, your body and chair to get a neutral and comfortable posture. The height of the monitor should be at comfortable level. There are two basic recommendation that are usually made as to the placement: a straight line from your eyes to the top of monitor or a straight line from your eyes to 2 inches from the top of the monitor.


vdt-angle-2.jpg vdt-angle1.jpg

Tip #2

Place the monitor down 15 to 40 degree for a downward gaze. With either method, the monitor should be placed to you make sure that you have a neutral head and shoulder position. Your head should be directly over your shoulders. This will reduce the knots in your shoulders and neck aches. The distance from the monitor should be no less than one arm length and as much as 36 inches away. You may want to increase the size of your screen font in order to comfortably read the screen at this distance. Make sure your not leaning forward to read. These suggestions will reduce eye fatigue and reduce static muscle load providing less strain and more comfort.


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