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Headset- Posture

Cradling a telephone between the ear and shoulder stretches one side of the neck and compresses the other and is tough on the muscles in the neck and shoulders and tough on you. Muscles have memory and when you spend 2-8 hours locked into this position day after day, they will hold this uncomfortable position, keeping your shoulders scrunched up around your neck. Use a headset to avoid head tilt and remain comfortable, especially if you answer the phone often while performing other tasks.
To avoid a painful crick in the neck and keep your shoulders from tightening up, attach a headset to your cellular or home phone. A headset allows you to be hands free, pain free and ergonomically correct. Whether you're cooking, gardening or on the computer, keep the cord from getting in the way by using a case or a clip. Cordless headsets are helpful for those conversations that require freedom of movement and an extra pair of hands while talking on the phone.