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Heavy Duty ESD Drafting Stool

$1,626.00 $911.00
(You save $715.00)
  • An ESD Drafting Chair designed for intensive use with memory foam seat and back

    As with all the Kare ESD chairs this heavy duty drafting stool is a complete circuit that dissipates static from the top of the chair, all the way to the floor. Everything on the ESD Heavy Duty Drafting Stool is grounded so you are ensured of static dissipation to protect your electronic work.

    The seat and back are wider so it fits the mid to large frame users. The seat features a medical grade foam with a special layer of memory foam that reduces pressure and discomfort. Everything is adjustable so it is easy to get a custom fit every time you sit. The special racket back height adjustment lets you raise or lower the back height from a seated position. The seat is depth adjustable so it fits both long and short legs.

    With all the special adjustment features and the reinforced heavy duty design, this is becoming one of the most popular ESD Drafting Stools.

    • Weight capacity 350 lbs.
    • Medical grade foam cushions with added memory foam
    • Independent control of back, seat angles.
    • Seat depth adjustment
    • Back 19.5w x 22h, seat 21w x 18-20.5d, height 23-31
    • Greenguard certified
    • All chair components grounded to floor, complete circuit
    • Made in USA
  • Specifications Esd Chairs Fabric and Vinyl

    TREK Meter; 20% relative humidity, ohms/sq1.3 x 10 exp 6


    Contents 99% Nylon, 1% Carbon Fiber (with Latex Backing)


    16.0 ozs. per linear yard Width 54-


    State of CA Technical Bulletin 117, Section E Passes UFAC Class 1

    Color Fastness:

    Light (AATCC-16A) 40 hrs. min., Class 5 Crocking (AATCC-8) Dry Class 5, Wet Class 5

    Stat-Con Vinyl

    Weight 26.0 ozs. per linear yard, Width 54 Resistivity: Beckman Megohmeter, 500 volt charge <1 .0 x 10 exp 6 ohms/sq

    Abrasion Resistance

    (ASTM D-4157) 180,000 Double Rubs Seam Slippage (ASTM D-434) Warp 56 lb. Fill 55 lb. Pilling Resistance (ASTM D-3511) Class 5


    State of CA Technical Bulletin 117, Section E Passes, MVSS302 Passes

    General Information

    The problems associated with static electricity have become a major issue for many businesses in this high-tech world. The fabrics shown on this card can help serve as conductors which can carry off static charges before sufficient buildup can occur to create the sparking discharge that can cause computer and instrument malfunction. To maximize the conductive properties of these fabrics and achieve proper performance, engineering of the furniture must take into consideration the need for grounding the static charges conducted by the surface materials.

    This term and any corresponding data refer to typical performance in the tests indicated and should not be construed to imply the behavior of this or any other material under actual fire conditions.


    ESD Fabric Black

    ESD Fabric Gray


    ESD Fabric Charcoal

    ESD Fabric Green


    ESD Fabric Red

    ESD Fabric Navy Blue


    ESD Fabric Blue/Silver

    ESD Vinyl Blue


    ESD Vinyl Black

    Foot Ring Assembly and Adjustment
    Prep: Clean Cylinder, Loosen Foot Ring Gasket

    Before Assembly: Clean the cylinder thoroughly to remove any grease or oil to provide a good grip. In the loosened position, check to see that Foot Ring is at the top of the central hub by holding onto the black inner gasket and turning the foot ring counter clockwise. (Tip: The inner gasket needs to be loose so you can fit the foot ring over the chair cylinder.)

    Assembly: Put Foot Ring On Chair Cylinder

    Slide the chair height cylinder into the center opening of the foot ring. Insert the thicker part of the cylinder into the five star base. Insert the thinner part of the cylinder into the chair mechanism attached to the bottom of the chair seat. To engage the pressure seal, sit on the chair and adjust the seat height up and down.

    Adjust: Height Of Foot Ring

    Hold the plastic inner hub (gasket) of the Foot Ring while you tighten or loosen it. (Tip: If needed, grip the bottom of gasket below foot ring with a cloth and channel locks so you can get a better grip.) Once the Foot Ring is loosened you can move it to the desired height to support the user's legs. Set the height so the user's legs are parallel to the floor or as close as possible. Now you can tighten the Foot Ring. Hold the base with one hand and turn the Foot Ring clockwise to tighten. You may need to hold the bottom of the hub (the black inner gasket) as you turn the Foot Ring in order to get a very tight fit. It is best not to over tighten the Foot Ring

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