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High Rise Adjustable Metal Foot Rest 4-14

$278.00 $236.00
(You save $42.00)
  • Built tough Adjustable Foot Rest to bring you industrial strength comfort

    Industrial strength height adjustable foot rest. The extended range provides support to legs and torso even at work benches. Top range of 14 inches from floor. Or low the foot rest to a 4 inch height. Tough metal design with a sturdy non-rocking surface is ideal for higher drafting or workbench desks. We love the fact that the surface you rest your feet on provides a secure area that does not rock. So, you can really relax your legs and low back. Built tough, solid support, works best as stationary placement.

    • Steel construction
    • Height adjustable from 4 to 14 inches
    • Platform is 13.5d x 20w
    • Special design permits chair base to fit under footrest
    • Ideal for lab bench, warehouse or counter uses
  • Industrial

    An industrial setting is quite different than a typical office setup, but the ergonomic principles you apply are equally important to maintaining good health.

    Whether you're in a manufacturing, assembly or a warehouse environment, fatigue and back pain are probably ailments you have experienced at one time or another. As you may know, standing continuously on a hard surface can cause tight back and leg strain. To reduce the pooling of blood in the feet and take additional stress off the body, a cushioned anti-fatigue mat increases your comfort by greatly reducing fatigue. Another solution to reduce standing fatigue is padded or gel shoe insoles -- they are a simple and economical way to support a better work environment.

    The neutral work zone is important in making sure you place tools and parts you require for specific tasks within arm's reach. This reduces stress to the neck, shoulders and back by preventing you from holding awkward positions while reaching repetitively for your tools. You can also tilt your work surface, reduce dimensions of the work surface and provide cutouts into the work surface to position your body for natural, neutral movements.


    • Keep body in neutral position
    • Stand straight
    • Head directly over shoulder
    • Shoulders squarely over hips
    • Hips over knees
    • Knees over feet
    • Anti-fatigue mat provides cushioning

    Lighting plays another important role in reducing fatigue. Proper lighting is not only much easier on the eyes, but it also ensures you won't have to bend over and hold an awkward position to see parts, tools or to read text.


    Increased lighting needs from age 25 on.

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