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How to Adjust your Chair







 1 Floating Backrest



Backrest floats with your body backward and forward. Lock in any position. Sit with your back against backrest, pull up on lever #1 to release. When backrest is in comfortable position release lever #1 to lock in place.

 2 Chair Height



Pneumatic seat height adjustments. Locks in any position. Pull up on lever #2 to adjust chair up and down. When the chair is at correct height release handle to lock in place.

 3 Rocking Chair Motion



Pull up on lever #3 to unlock seat pan. If seat pan slants forward, lean back to bring seat pan to 0° and roll the Tilt Release Bar lever #4 up to lock seat pan in position. You can now use rocking motion. Refer to step #6 for rocking motion tension adjustment.

 4 Seat And Backrest Tilt (Pan Tilt)



To allow chair to tilt forward and or backward in a working position, pull up/unlock lever #3, then pull the Tilt Release Bar lever #4 down and backwards. To lock seat pan in position push down on lever #3. When adjusting, sit with your back to backrest for easier control.

 5 Backrest Height



Adjust backrest support to fit your needs. Simply lift to raise the backrest to fit your body. To lower you first lifting the back all the way up and permit it to go all the way down to where you can start to ratcheting up again.

 6 Seat Tilt Tension



Seat tilt tension adjustment wheel #6. Turn clockwise to decrease tension. It is best to set tension high for best rocking motion. Refer to steps 3 and 4.

 7 Sliding Seat



Adjust the depth of your seat pan, pull up lever #7 (lever on left) and scoot your seat either in or out. To lock, release lever.

 8 Lumbar Adjustment



Lumbar Adjustment (Does not apply to 800SS) Turn knob to increase or decrease the amount of lumbar support.

9 Adjustable Arms


Adjust the height of the arm rests to a height so you have a neutral shoulder posture. If the arm rests are elevating your shoulder than you should lower the arm rest and raise the height of your chair. If your shoulder are elevated this is a static muscle load on the shoulders and quickly creates fatigue. If you sit with your shoulders raised in this posture then sooner or later you are going to have chronic discomfort.


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