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How To Measure Monitor Size


The mystery of measuring a monitor size can be a bit confusing because the manufacture measures one way and glass screen spec measure another way. It all goes back to the old CRT type monitors and how much plastic there was around the screen. Back then manufacturers would measure the whole screen and not just the viewable area. And now with flat screen monitor there is much less area on the plastic frame. So be aware of what you goal is with measurements. If you want to use a privacy screen that fits the viewable area then be aware of the viewable screen area and do not include the plastic frame. If you are getting a glare screen then you may need to include the measure of viewable area and plastic frame because the glare screen will need to be attached to the monitor's frame.

Actual Size As Per Manufacturers


The first step in making sure that you know your monitor size.Experience has shown that measurements tend to lead to errors. If you recently bought your monitor, the monitor size should be listed on the Receipt or Packing List.



If this information is unavailable, look on the back of the monitor for the Model Number. After finding the Model number, either look up the Model number on the manufacturer's website, or just type it in to your favorite search engine. You should find out the model number right away.



If you wish to confirm that the filter you wish to purchase will fit properly on your screen, please measure as follows. First measure the Diagonal of the screen (not including the frame around the screen, just the visual screen). This diagonal should match the stated size of the Filter (i.e. a 17" Monitor will have a visual diagonal of 17"). Next, measure the visual height and visual width of the screen. This should match the dimensions listed on the product page for that filter on our website. Know that the frames of the LCD Screen are frameless so they only need to cover the viewable area of your LCD.