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Industrial Chairs

Product-Images/Heavy-Duty-Drafting-Chair-m.jpgWhen it comes to working in an industrial setting, customers don’t see the furniture so we’re often used to making do with what we have. Is your chair so old it’s wobbly and the arms dog-eared? Is the seat cushion flat as a pancake and the fabric has holes in it? Are you hunched over or reaching too far to your work surface?

Well, it could be time for a change! At Kare Products we believe industrial chairs should give workers same comfort and ergonomic support as those in the ‘front office.’ Our full line of ergonomic industrial office chairs, industrial stools, lab chairs and sit stand stools are designed and built with our commitment to quality, ergonomic standards, safety, and therapeutic manufacturing.  We feature industrial friendly material which is easy to clean and rates high approval by our customers for use in rugged environments.

You’ll find our industrial chairs to be head and shoulders above the norm–comfortable, durable and adjustable to support your best posture. And we bet you’ll think it’s the most functional piece of furniture in your office or work area.