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Is It Ok To Move My Electric Sit Stand Desk?


Is It Ok To Move My Electric Sit Stand Desk?


Let me restate your question if I might in order to provide clarifications Will moving your electric sit stand damage it?

They are built to take a good amount of punishment. If you move the desk and it stops working a couple of things may have happened.

One, during move, the desk top has been torn from the power pedestals.

Two, the power pedestals have taken a hard hit or material has jammed the cylinder.

Three, when you set the desk in the new locations you forgot to check the levers on each foot and you even may want to check the level of desktop.

The desk has a built- in safety turn off which turns off power to legs when they are way out of level. So, your answer is yes you can move your Electric Sit Stand desk and it is built to handle repeated moves.

If damage to desk or power pedestal is a warrantee issue we will help to facilitate replacement or repair. If damage occurs from an act of moving or misuse then it is not a warranty issue. In that case we will assist you in determining what parts need to be replaced and get your sit stand desk in working order ASAP.

I have used electric sit stand desks for 8 years and have not had one fail. The desks take continual use and can be moved. They are designed to handle a typical corporate user for many years.

These desks are tools, that are designed for work in the real world. Because they are electric sit stand they may need a little extra care but not much.