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At Kare Products, we pride ourselves in offering the best care and support for health professionals! If you work long hours at a lab bench or are in and out of rooms seeing patients we offer options that will nurture our medical and healthcare professionals. Workers in medical fields can see a lot of stress on their bodies. In fact, studies show that long working hours, static postures and repetitive work combined with poor ergonomics are risk factors leading to pain and discomfort.1 And decreased productivity!2 Kare Products’ high quality ergonomic medical stools and chairs give your workers the comfort and support they need and deserve. Our medical chairs offer optional protective, anti-bacterial fabrics or high-grade vinyls that are easily wiped clean. And, like all our chairs, these are highly adjustable with seat and seat back height and angle, foot ring height, and seat depth adjustments, so you can tailor a custom fit. Whether you need taller lab stools for high benches, medical stools with wheels, or regular bench height chairs we have a full line of ergonomic medical chairs to fit every body size. 1. Talwar R., 2009 2. Haynes and Williams, 2008