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Metal Corner Extender, Corner Maker

$209.00 $127.00
(You save $82.00)
  • Usable space where there was none before with the Metal Corner Extender and Corner Maker

    Not enough desk room? Just give it the slip. Our Metal Corner Extender is an amazingly simple way to increase the usable space of your desk. It simply slips over the edge of your desk (or desks if they're pushed together) and creates workspace out of 90 degree angles. Its clever design provides added space for your mouse, documents, 10-key pad, or phone. It is an easy corner maker that makes your desk more comfortable to use.

    It even works great with retractable keyboard trays. An ideal product for today's overloaded desks, where every inch counts. Makes the perfect desk extender.

    • Metal construction for durability and strength
    • Corner maker increases workspace up to 28 in.
    • Accommodates keyboard, mouse, documents, 10-key pad, and more
    • Works with retractable keyboard trays
    • Easy installation, just slip over your desk's edge
    • Screws on for additional stability
    • Fits desk with thickness of 1 3/8 in. or less
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  • Neutral Zone

    It's one of the simplest and most powerful ergonomic solutions! It's called the neutral zone. Take a few moments and look at the tools you use every day, phone, mouse, pens. Are they within 18" to 24" of your reach? If not, move them closer now!


    Reaching for things you use all day long can really have you contorting your body. A coffee cup placed awkwardly next to the monitor, a telephone at the far end of the desk, a daytimer always on the shelf behind you, reaching and stretching for commonly used items extends your arms and shoulders, twists your back and puts your muscles into a tight position.

    Work stations with surfaces that "surround" you are ideal for correct neutral zone ergonomics. A surround desk provides up to 25 percent more workspace than a standard rectangular desk allowing you to place everything you need within arm's length. There is also a secondary neutral zone for items you use less frequently such as file organizers, 10-key, and reference books. These items should be placed 24 -- 36 inches to keep items close and still give you workspace (bring items closer when in use).

    Sore shoulders, muscles, neck, elbows and lower back, you name it, reaching for things, affects your entire body. And the neutral zone doesn't just apply to your workstation, it applies to every activity you do. So start observing how you reach for things and remember the number one rule for items you use frequently -- keep 'em close!

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