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Metal Foot Rest, Wide

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  • An industrial strength dose of workplace leg and foot comfort

    When standing long hours to perform industrial work, we know that often your legs feel as heavy as the machinery around you. Our Adjustable foot rest is the solution.

    By allowing manufacturing workers to raise one leg and alternate stances, you allow them to benefit from improved circulation and reduced foot/leg/back strain that can result from static standing and sitting. Our foot rest adjusts from 3.5" to 5" in height and features heavy duty metal construction, plus a non-slip platform. All in all, it brings soothing relief to a sometimes hard industry.

    • Allows worker to change positions and elevate one leg
    • Heavy duty metal construction, non-slip surface platform
    • Eases lower back strain, promotes circulation in feet and legs
    • A healthy solution for high workbenches and desktops
    • Dimensions 22 w x 14 d, 3.5 - 5 inch height
  • Computer Workstations

    An ache in your lower back, a pain in your neck, a cramp in your leg ... it's hard to believe sitting at your desk can cause so much pain. Bad body posture and repetitive movements can cause almost every part of your body to hurt and every aspect of your computer workstation setup can impact your comfort level. Continually reaching for objects, tilting your head to hold the telephone on your shoulder and resting your wrist on the sharp edge of your desk are just some of the ways pain is invited to knock at your door.


    Everyday tools in primary reach zone (18"-22") Less frequently used items in secondary reach zone (24"-36")


    • Feet flat on the floor
    • Straight forearm
    • Support for lower back
    • No leaning forward
    • Thighs straight or parallel to floor and/or 10 degrees higher
    • Head over shoulders, shoulders over hips


    • Top half of screen at or above eye level
    • 18"-24" away (approximately arm's length)
    • 40 degree viewing angle
    • Clean screen
    • Minimize glare

    Keyboard Mouse

    • Elbow parallel to keyboard
    • Relax fingers and wrists
    • Wrists, hands and elbows parallel to floor
    • Relaxed shoulders, no slouching

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