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Mid Back Chairs

Product-Images/817L-mn-01.jpgDoes your desk chair fit you in all the wrong places?  You’re not alone! And all this uncomfortable sitting has been shown to result in decreased productivity,3 due to decreased mental alertness, poor circulation, shallow breathing and difficulty focusing. Getting comfortable in your office chair is all about sitting in a neutral posture which puts the least tension on your body. For a neutral position, you need an ergonomic office desk chair that fits you and is adjustable!

Our ergonomic mid back chairs are fully adjustable, so they fit a variety of body types from small to tall. With seat depth, back height and back angle adjustments we can help you tweak your mid back chair so it fits you to a ‘T.’ Whether you are looking for an executive chair or task chairs, adjustable mid back chairs let you place back support right where you want it to encourage upright, neutral posture. 

At Kare Products all of our ergonomic office chairs are built to our high quality construction and design standards with your long-lasting comfort in mind!