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Product-Images/707HHRERGO-Office-Chair-MD.jpgAre you sitting on the edge of your chair because the chair arms are pushing you away from your desk, or the seat is too deep? Are the seat cushions flat as a pancake?  It’s probably time to retire that chair that’s been in the workforce longer than you have!

Here you’ll find our top performing chair products. Why are they so popular? In a word…adjustability! Adjustability is key to a truly ergonomic office chair, and these popular ergonomic chairs all feature seat depth adjustment, back angle placement, as well as independent back and seat height adjustment. Kare chairs can be set to hug almost every body with support and comfort!

At Kare Products we’re here to help you find the right chair for your body! Check out our chair selector tool or give us a call. Our ergonomic experts are standing by to help.