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Ooooo, my achy, breaky back! Back tension, aches and pains seem to appear out of nowhere, then mysteriously disappear for the weekend.  Yet by midweek, the discomfort returns.  According to studies, if you have a “desk job”,  your office chair could be the culprit.

When it comes to work, we are used to making do with what we have.  Does your chair make you feel claustrophobic or could you swim in your chair? Is your chair so old it’s wobbly or your chair arms dog-eared?

Kare Products has your solution!  Ergonomic office seating that fits you and is fully adjustable can make a huge difference in keeping your body healthy and pain-free! If you are in HR or risk management, you probably already know that purchasing ergonomic chairs can save your company money too.  

 Kare Products ergonomic office chairs are completely different from what you find in big box stores.  Our chairs meet and exceed ergonomic standards– with easy height back adjustment, 2-layer medical grade cushions for supported seating, a stable base with true-lock bolts, and seat angle adjustment.

 Our handy chair selector tool makes it easy to find the right chair for your body size! Or our team of experts is here to help you find ergonomic seating that’s right for you or your employees.

 [199] [read more]  CHAIR SELECTOR TOOL 

There are many things to consider when it comes to getting a chair that fits your body. Are you 5’3” and under? A smaller chair could improve the quality of your day.  If you’re taller or larger, there are chairs with taller backs and deeper, wider seats that will provide proper thigh support. Some people require head support to stabilize neck injuries while others may be dealing with sciatica nerve pain.  A chair that offers many adjustments is the key.  If you want to bring joy to your workday during pregnancy or to sit in style with adjustable comfort, use our chair selector tool or give us a call. We’re here to help.

 One of the big things people often don’t realize is that chairs come in different sizes! That is the first thing you need to figure out when choosing an ergonomic office chair. Check out our colorful How to Choose a Chair and How to adjust your Chair for added tips on what’s your perfect fit! 

All of our office chairs are designed to accommodate ergonomic postures and be fully adjustable. By including the independent back angle control that locks where you place it, paired with an adjustable seat depth setting and the option of dial-in lumbar support, you will be able to find the perfect fit for you. 

We have a full line of exquisitely designed ergonomic seating from executive leather chairs to lab stools, sit-stand stools to designer chairs, and task chairs to ESD chairs. All are manufactured to our demanding standards and specifications, and are built to last.  After 12-15 years our customers are still marveling at how well our chairs are still supporting them! In fact, our customers have called us because when they look around, they find that Kare chairs are built so tough they are the last ones standing.

 We are passionate about providing ergonomic solutions for every body, so let us help you. Call today!