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Roller Mouse Pro

$200.00 $198.00
(You save $2.00)
  • Keep hands in the optimal work zone with the Ergonomic Roller Mouse Pro

    The Ergonomic Roller Mouse Pro is an innovative new option to an ergonomic mouse and a remarkably simple solution to implement in your enterprise. Its ergonomic design places cursor control just below the spacebar of any keyboard... making data entry faster, safer, and more comfortable for right- or left-handed computer users.

    When you use the Roller Mouse Pro, your hands and fingers stay on the keys... no more awkward or uncomfortable reaching for a mouse. And the Roller Mouse's built-in ergonomic palm supports provide optimum comfort and safety. Some computer mouse designs are just worn out variations on old designs. The Roller Mouse is a new computer mouse design that has proven to reduce injuries and increase your comfort.

    • No Software Required
    • The roller bar controls X and Y cursor movements and can also function as a primary click.
    • Productivity enhancing.
    • 20W x 11.5D
    • Reduces strain on the wrist, elbow and shoulder.
    • Ideal for cramped workspaces.
    • Beneficial when "traditional" input device (mouse) is in an awkward position.
    • Is fully compliant with both USB and PS2 interfaces.
    • Utilizes optical technology for precise cursor control and maintenance free mechanics.
    • Pro model provides oversize buttons, longer scroll bar, click and lock button
    • Black
    • Staff Pick for Best Ergonomic Mouse.
  • Roller Mouse Pro Faqs
    Why Does My Cursor Sometimes Stop Before It Reaches The Edge Of The Screen?

    A: The Roller Mouse Pro bar can only move so far left and right. There are 2 ways to address this. First, you should try adjusting the mouse cursor speed in the standard Computer Mouse control panel to a higher setting. Secondly, we have built a technology into the Roller Mouse Pro called End Detection. If you push the bar slightly to the direction you were moving, an internal switch will make the cursor "glide" to the edge of the screen.

    Q: I Seem To Click The Bar Accidently Sometimes, How Can I Reduce Or Eliminate This From Happening?

    A: The position of the Roller Mouse Pro bar being just below the space bar may take some adjusting to. Normally after a short time of use, this tendency goes away. You could use the bar tension adjustment under the RollerMouse Pro to help reduce this in the mean time. Set the knob to the largest dot. The bar clicker could also be disabled using the dip switches under the Roller Mouse. To disable the bar clicker, set switch #1 to off (down).

    Q: I Have Both A Ps2 And A Usb Port On My Computer, Which Should I Use?

    A: If your operating system supports USB, we always recommend you use the USB port. So, generally if you run any Windows OS other than NT and 95, you should use the USB port. Win95 and WinNT will require you to use the PS2 adapter provided with the RollerMouse. You will also have to install our driver on those 2 OS's to enable the Wheel scrolling support.

    Q: My Cursor Is Too Jumpy, It Moves To Fast?

    A: The speed of the mouse is controlled using the standard Mouse Control Panel. Use the speed setting there to lower the setting.

    Q: I Use My Rollermouse With My Standard Mouse Or My Trackball?

    A: Yes, if you have a PS2 mouse you can plug it right into the RollerMouse Auxiliary port, or if you have an extra port either on your system or through a hub you can plug you're alternate USB device.

    Q: Is There Any Software Required

    A: In most cases, no. Windows 95, NT and Macintosh OS 9.x or prior do require a driver if you want the use the scroll wheel.

    Q: It Looks And Feels To Me Like A Left-Handed Product, Do You Make A Right-Handed One Also?

    A: The product is actually for both the right and left handed user. If you center yourself in front of home row (asdf jkl;) on your keyboard you will see that the Rollerbar falls right between the two hands. This central location of the device and controls, allows you to easily alternate hands and fingers/thumbs which is recommended to reduce the workload on any one hand or digit.

    Q: Will The Rollermouse Work With An Ergonomic Keyboard?

    A: Yes, we recommend using an ergonomic keyboard (KB210 or KB700) because of its adjustable angle and straight edge beneath the spacebar. Ergonomic contoured keyboards with integrated wrist rests won't work as well because the wrist rest moves the Roller Mouse further away than optimal. However, even in those situations, the Roller Mouse Pro does still eliminate reaching and allows for easily alternating of the hands and fingers.

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