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Select a Sit Stand Desk

Select a Sit Stand Desk to fit your body, office and work needs.

You should think about what items you will need space for on the desktop.


• How many monitors

• What items like phone, tablets, printers, standing file holders need to be on the desktop

• Do you use paper documents and need a place to put them

• What is your height

• What space is available for your new sit stand desk


These answers will direct you to the size of the desk to purchase. You may find that a rectangular desk will work or you may need to get an extended corner. Remember to provide enough desk area for paper documents and or meetings.

Your height is a big consideration to keep in mind. This insures that your new Sit Stand Desk will adjust low enough for sitting and raise high enough for standing. For example if you are 5' tall your sitting desk height should be 22" and your standing desk height should be 36.5" measured from floor to top of desktop. If you are 5' 8" tall your sitting desk height should be 26" and standing height should be 41.5" measured from floor to top of desktop.

- If you are 5' to 5'5" you should get the extended height range sit stand desk that lower to 22". This insures that you will be in a neutral posture in both sitting and standing positions.

- If you are 5'5" to over 6' you can select any of the Kare Sit Stand Desk and they will create a comfortable neutral posture for both your sitting and standing work positions.


The above measurements do not figure in the height of your shoes so you can add 1" to 2" to the above measurements for a more exact measurement. If you have any questions or need more guidance please call us and we will have our ergonomic experts help you analysis your exact needs.

 Rectangular Desk



Corner Desks




Height Adjustable Desk Base and Frame

Bases for your existing desk. Attach the sit stand base and you have an instant sit stand desk.

Includes memory switch and extended height range. 




Desk Mountable Sit Stand Devices

Place on top of your desk and raise to standing. Lower to take back down to sitting position.

Pneumatic cylinder does the lifting for you so it is easy to raise and lower.

Available in three sizes, Standard, Large and Corner models. Designed to accept the Kare Monitor Arms so you can use two monitor arms at a time.




Clamp to your desk accommodates Laptop and monitor



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