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If you see your posture above and you are having discomfort to your neck, shoulders, low back, elbow, wrists and or hands then you may benefit from a Keyboard Tray.

A keyboard tray permits your shoulders and arms to be in a neutral posture with your arms parallel to the floor and shoulders relaxed. Placing your keyboard and mouse closer to you will reduce tension and insure everything is within the neutral reach zone. 

Keyboard trays and keyboard arms permit you to adjust the height of your keyboard and mouse. And that eliminates all the above postures that are increasing your discomfort and fatigue. Whether it's Carpal Tunnel, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome or Low Back Pain they all have one thing in common and that is your awkward posture creates or increases these injuries.

By changing your posture to a more natural and neutral position you will get instant relief. The goal is to have your shoulders relaxed, arms to the side of torso and not reaching forward or outward and forearms parallel to the floor. A Keyboard Tray lets you raise and or lower the height of your keyboard and mouse so you are in this comfortable neutral posture.


In selecting a Keyboard Tray there are a couple of steps to insure it will fit your desk and work needs.


The track is what permits you to slide the keyboard under your desk for storage.

The track screws to the underside of your desk with 6-8 wood screws. It is easiest if the underside of your desk is flat. Meaning no braces or legs that would make attaching the track difficult.

Tracks come in two length of either 18" or 22". Measure under your desk and see what space is available. If you have less than 22" then you should order a Keyboard Tray with an 18" track and if you have 22" of space (depth from front of desk to back of desk) then order a Keyboard Tray with a 22" track.

If you have 22" or more than you will be able to slide the keyboard tray all the way under your desk for storage. An 18" track will still permit you to store your keyboard under the desk but it will have about an 1" that will show a little. 


Platform for Keyboard and Mouse 

The platform holds your keyboard and mouse. The goal is to place the mouse closer to the keyboard to reduce over extending your arm to reach it. Select the type of platform based on the opening of your desk. In other words the platform is going to slide back under your desk when it is stored and you need a wide enough opening to permit you to slide it in. The ergonomic goal is to reduce the stress to your shoulders, arms and hands. By positioning your mouse closer to the keyboard you will greatly reduce the static muscle and eliminate some of those knots in your shoulders.

These are the standard types of platforms.

1. Rectangular 27" x 11".  If your desk has an opening of 28" or more then we suggest you select the 27" Platform. 363A21N-351P



2. Right or Left Hand Mouse, Keyboard 21" x 11", Mouse circular 9" dia.




3. Sliding Mouse Platform, mouse can slide from right to left and also has three forward positions to bring mouse closer or away from your seated work position.



 Corner Desk considerations

 If you have a corner desk you may need to use a Corner Extender model 380M. This is a metal corner maker that slips over the desk so you now have more room to attach and use a keyboard tray. First you attach the corner maker to your desk then you install the keyboard tray to the underside of the desk and to the corner maker.


 Guide to measuring your desk for a Keyboard Tray


This illustration shows the desk top with the track and keyboard and mouse platform.



The Kare Keyboard Tray platforms provide extreme durability plus environmental friendliness. Uses sustainable wood and wood-by products from other manufacturing processes.

- Property Specific, General purpose 1.35- 1.46, Impact 1.36- 1.41, Non bleeding 1.37-

1.38, Electrical 1.36- 1.75, Heat resistant 1.41- 1.84,

- Chemical resistant compound 1.37- 1.75

- Keyboard platform is impact and liquid resistant.

- Flex Strength (psi) 9,000-11,000 ASTM or UL Test D790

- Tensile Strength 6,500-7,000 ASTM or UL Test 651

- Water absorption less than .06-. 07 AASTM or UL Test D570

- Electrical Resistively 10-11. Static dissipating properties to protect computer equipment.

- Fire Resistant Material meets California and Massachusetts fire codes for public


- Water and Chemical Resistant, non-absorbent, moisture barrier, anti-microbial, antibacterial.

- Wrist support is the Kare Smart Gel that is non-toxic and medical grade gel that is

designed to move away from bone structure and cushion softer tissue to reduce tissue

compression issues. Gel is a proprietary liquid matter that is injected into outer barrier.

Injection process does not insert air therefore the viscosity (movement) of Gel is active to

pressure and the reduction of pressure contact.

- Environmental Safe-Does not release any measurable Formaldehydes (24 CFRPart 3280).

- Safe guard for employees with environmental sensitivity.

- Sustainable wood and wood-by products

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