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Single Monitor Arm

$200.00 $138.00
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  • Ergonomic LCD Monitor Arm-Elegant Design, Easy Height Adjust and Affordable

    This Ergonomic Flat Screen Monitor Arm combines a sleek elegant design with all the practical ergonomic adjustments you need. The Flat Screen Monitor Arm adjusts with ease - just lift or pivot. It even offers hidden cable management to reduce visual clutter. Our Height Adjustable LCD Screen monitor arm allows you to effortlessly position the height of the monitor without handles, tools or a struggle.

    Mount the arm to your desk with the C Clamp or use a wire management grommet both systems are included for Desk or Grommet mounting. The 22.7 inch arm will allow extended reach and the ability to fold back the arm when not in use. Easy installation-simply match up the hole pattern on the arm to the back of the monitor. No guess work- comes with both desk clamp and grommet mount. Kare's Flat Screen Monitor Arm is a no-brainer number one choice.

    • Supports one LCD monitor load capacity: 5 - 20 lbs.
    • Height range 0 to 14.5"
    • Cable management slot to keep cable off desktop
    • Monitor Arm extends 21 inches
    • Monitor tilts +30/-25°
    • Allows for 90° rotation from landscape to portrait
    • Includes both Desk Clamp and Grommet Mount
    • 360º swivel with locking feature
    • Store away to open desk area, extends only 3.5" in stored position
    • Desk Clamp mounts to surfaces 7/8 to 2 inch thick
    • Grommet Mount installs through holes 5/16- 2 inches wide, up to 2 inches thick
    • Both Desk and Grommet mounts included
    • Match hole pattern on arm to back of monitor-meets standard VESA 75mm and 100mm standards

  • Monitor Document

    Do you ever find yourself squinting to read your computer screen? And then moments later you notice your neck and shoulders begin to ache? It could be your monitor is too far away forcing you to lean forward, your computer screen is dirty or a glare is blanketing your screen. The most basic ergonomic guideline to follow to prevent eye, neck and shoulder strain is to keep your monitor and documents at eye level, your computer screen clean and glare to a minimum. The top of the monitor screen should be at or slightly below eye level so you can read it without bending your head or neck up or back. Some people position the monitor by tilting it back 10-20 degrees. Be on the lookout for overhead monitor glare. Position the monitor directly in front of you within 18 to 24 inches (approximately arm's length away) from the eyes. Bifocals typically require a lower monitor.


    Stressed Posture

    Neutral Posture

    Tip: Notice your body posture while at the computer to get the information on placement. A mirror will give you great feedback.


    If you're experiencing eye strain or neck and shoulder tension, it may be that your monitor is too far away causing you to lean forward or the monitor may be too close to you causing you to pull too far back. Position your monitor to the recommended height (at center of monitor or slightly below eye level). By placing the monitor at the proper height and proper depth, you will reduce upper body discomfort. Risers are an easy way to get height adjustment and storage for people sharing workstations. A monitor lift gives you quick adjustability and helps maintain your neutral zone.

    Document Holder

    Ouch. It hurts when you have to strain your eyes to read, not to mention the pain it causes in your neck when you're reading something on a flat surface. The key to avoiding eye and neck strain is to take documents off of a flat desk surface. For the most comfortable viewing results, place the document holder close to the monitor to minimize head movement and vision refocusing


    Glare is often the culprit to blurred vision and headaches. How can you say goodbye to glare? Clean your monitor, adjust brightness and contrast levels, and make certain your monitor isn't backed by or facing a bright window or overhead lights, it is too fatiguing for your eyes. An anti-glare screen will also reduce glare as well as improve screen clarity.


    Too light? Too dark? Neutral natural lighting is the key to keeping your vision sharp and headaches at bay. Use an adjustable task light that has a stable base and provides adequate light levels to read smaller print. Your light source should not reflect off of the monitor or shine directly into your eyes.

    Monitor Arm model 418D
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