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Sit Stand Desk 64 x 29, Memory Switch, 2 C Legs

$1,451.00 $987.00
(You save $464.00)
  • Short or Tall- This Desk Does it All with a push of a button Ergonomic Sit Stand Desk-For Smaller Spaces

    Got those sitting-all-day aches and pains? We have the answer for a supported back, relaxed shoulders, happier neck and wrists at your ideal keyboarding height. Tah-dah Our Be All Ergonomic Sit Stand Electric Desk.

    The Kare sit stand desk has full range flexibility for body sizes under 5' 3" feet up to 7 feet tall for both sitting and standing positions adjusting from 24 up to 50.5 inches. The more flexible an environment is, the healthier you are, so why sit in a standard almost always too-high 30 inch desk when you can sit or stand at your perfect desk height? With the push of a button you can bring everything you need right within reach.

    This work area features open leg space and smooth, whisper quiet lifting and lowering desk mechanism. Simply push the button for instant height-perfect for shared work stations whether home or office. When work and tension add to the day-to-day pressure, this desk is a great fit for your long lasting health!

    This 64 inch length rectangular sit stand desk is budget smart and a great fit for tight spaces with all the features of our larger desk systems. Rejuvenate your mind and muscles by changing your posture to improve your circulation and give your back the recognition it deserves.

    • Great solution for shared work environments-office or home
    • Compact sit stand electric desk for small spaces, other sizes available
    • Fits body sizes under 5' 3" up to 7' tall for both sitting and standing positions
    • Adjusts from 24 up to 50.5 inches
    • Places your projects and computer at same height with fingertip access
    • Alternating work positions sustain your energy by increasing circulation
    • Open leg space-ergonomically superior
    • 2 leg support system, up to 275 lbs.
    • Push button height adjustment, 4 position memory setting
    • Base has 14 gauge legs, Silver
    • Maintenance free electric sit stand columns with whisper quiet mechanism
    • Green Guard Certified
    • Anti-Collision feature
    • Desktop made in USA
  • Sit Stand Desks Studies

    Research shows that alternating between a sitting and standing work position can increase comfort and reduce stress to your body. Many people are reporting greater comfort and more efficiency when they can easily adjust their desk for a standing position. An adjustable desk or workstation lets you change height based on the type of task and for different sized people that may use the desk in the future. With our new desking solutions you will be please with how economical it can be.

    Feel Better And Live Longer

    A 2010 study by the American Cancer Society found a direct correlation between the amount of time people spend sitting and mortality rates. The study showed that mortality rates increased by 37% for women who sat for more than 6 hours per day. A Mayo Clinic study shows you can burn an additional 340 calories a day if you spend just two hours of your work day standing instead of sitting. If you were to maintain your current lifestyle, this could equate to a one pound weight loss every ten days (burn an additional 3,500 calories to lose one pound).

    Increase Productivity

    • Studies by Cornell and Microsoft found that:
    • Nearly half of office computer users indicated they were spending eight or more hours a day at a computer.
    • Nine out of ten users said the design setup of their workstation directly affects their ability to be most productive at work.
    • Nearly two-thirds of office computer users tie the fatigue they experience during the week to working at the computer for long periods.
    • Research shows individual performance increases by 25% when employees use an ergonomically designed workstation

    Sit Stand Desk Laminate Colors WR Series - Green Guard Certified
    Desktop laminates

    Folkstone Gray G1

    Black Velvet G3


    Figuered Mahogany G3

    Walnut Heights G3


    Skyline Walnut G3

    Phantom Charcoal G3


    Studio-Teak G3

    Phantom Cocoa G3


    Fawn Cypress G3

    Veranda Teak G3


    Grey Elm G3

    Misted Zephyr G2


    Shadow ZephyrvG2

    Persian Cherry G2


    Wild Cherry G2

    Monticello Maple G2


    Pinnacle Walnut G2

    Beigewood G2


    Walnut Grove G1

    Formal Mahogany G1


    Millwork Cherry G1

    Hardrock Maple G1


    Slate G1

    White G1

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