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Sit Stand Stool, Lean Stand Perch

$396.00 $228.00
(You save $168.00)
  • Feet on the floor and body resting comfortably -- the best of both worlds- Sit Stand Stool

    Some work environments create a Catch-22 -- your job demands standing, but standing is hard on your body. The solution? Our ingenious Sit Stand Stool, which allows you to raise and tilt the durable seat to a position where you can sit (eliminating pressure on your hips, back and ankles) and stand at the same time. It's the perfect productivity position for many manufacturing, assembly and production environments. Some users call it the perch stool.

    Our ergonomically designed contour seat cushions your body and tilts up to 20 degrees (supporting your best posture). A flat, sturdy foot ring lets you rest one foot securely while the other still touches the floor. The 5-star base is rock solid and comes with anti-slip glides. Made of durable polyurethane, the Sit Stand Stool increases productivity by decreasing the pressures of standing.

    • Dimensions seat 15.5 w x 14 d, available heights 22 - 32
    • Rhino tuff Stool, Polyurethane Seat
    • Puncture resistant
    • Easy to clean and resistant to most chemicals
    • Sit Stand Stool used in a perch sitting posture
    • Bench Height 22-32
    • Bench Height Stool features stationary glide feet
  • Sit Stand Work Postures

    If your company is operating 24 hours a day, then there are probably teams sharing the same workstations. Accommodating different height people with correct ergonomics can be an ongoing challenge. Set the workstation height to fit team use or get a table that allows for an easy adjustment to encourage multiple users to make adjustments. Whether electric or crank, adjustable is the way to offer the most comfort for a team, save facilities group setup costs and increase employee productivity.


    Some jobs in manufacturing, assembly and production environments demand a lot of standing. If you're in a standing position, you are provided some relief with either a drafting height or a sit-stand chair to reduce fatigue, increase circulation and eliminate pressure on your hips, back and ankles. This will help relax the muscle groups that have been working to hold you in an upright position and permit these muscles to relax and get ready for the next activity or task.

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