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Specifications Static Dissipative Anti-fatigue


Static Dissipative Anti-fatigue Mat prevents fatigue while protecting components from static. These mats are popular in manufacturing and commercial areas because they are very comfortable and effectively drain static electricity off workers before it disrupts sensitive equipment. The smooth vinyl surface is bonded to a sponge base for immediate rebound. Excellent Resistively: RTT = 1 x 107 ohms RTG = 1 x 107 ohms For best results, use the MAA107 grounding cable that you attach to the mat and ground to electric outlet ground or ground source.

  Myths And Misconceptions
    • ESD is only a problem during the winter. This is not true, static is an issue all year. Many people feel static is more of an issue in the winter because it is drier.
    • Even if ESD occurs to a device it will still work. If the ESD damage is high enough the device will completely fail. If it is low level ESD damage then the device will not function properly. This may be the worst case because you start testing and problem solving an issue that is really caused by ESD damage. And often decide it is bad hardware when in fact it is ESD damage.
    • You may think because you did not feel or see the static discharge it did not happen. Well you are wrong. You can wave your hand over a CPU and only be a couple of inches away from it and discharge static to the CPU. Some sensitive devices can be damaged by as little as 1 volt. Most devices need 100 volts to be damaged beyond repair. And keep in mind that people can not feel the static discharge until about 2,000 volts. So, just because you can not feel it does not mean it did not happen.
  Some Eye Openers
    • Walking across carpet generates 35,000 volts at 10-25% humidity, down to 1,500 at 65-90% humidity.
    • Walking across vinyl tile generates 12,000 volts at 10-25% humidity, down to 250 volts at 65-90% humidity.
    • Computer components typically withstand these volts, MOSFETTS 0-2,000 volts, Surface Mount resistors 0-2,000 volts, Integrated circuits 0-2,000 volts.
  Esd Mats

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