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Spine-Align® Wedge, 4" x 16" x 15 3/4", Coccyx pad, Black

$85.00 $47.00
(You save $38.00)
  • The natural S spells spine soothing support with the Spine Align Wedge seat cushion

    An improper sitting position can lead to all sorts of discomforts. That's why we had doctors assist in the design of the Spine-Align® Wedge seat cushion. It fixes posture problems and places you in a sitting position that enhances the natural S shape of your spine. This alignment relieves back stress, improves energizing circulation, and alleviates discomfort in the hips, back and legs.

    For the home, car or office, this device is a smile you can take with you wherever you go. This angle seat cushions are useful in relieving sciatic and leg discomfort.

    • Designed with the help of doctors
    • 4 x 16 x 15 3/4 Full Seat Design
    • Preserves natural curve of spine
    • Removable coccyx pad
    • Relaxes body, lowers shoulders and aligns spine
    • Forward-slope design helps correct pelvic tilting; aids sciatic discomfort
    • Supports muscles so you can sit more comfortably longer
    • Thighs remain comfortably supported
    • Increases oxygen intake
    •Great pregnancy tool; relieves weight of baby to lower back stress
    • Portable, great for traveling
    • Makes metal folding chairs infinitely more comfortable
    • Color: Black
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