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Swivel/Lateral /Ext Track 1.5” Chair Soft Arm Cap, 7.25-10" Width Adj Track (Set of 2) Use on above chair

$298.00 $171.00
(You save $127.00)
  • Ergonomics Deluxe-One of the most adjustable arms around

    This versatile arm support works as an extension of your elbow, will follow your arm movement and stops where you place it. This design offers 2 points of rotation for full adjustability with a swivel and pivot concept. The arm will move in or out so you can place your forearms as close as possible to your torso (avoiding that chicken wing posture that rounds your back). No longer will you have to work with your elbows away from your body placing pressure on your neck and shoulders. You can relax into a neutral posture. This arm is highly recommended if you're smaller than the seat width of your chair. Features include: The height adjustable arm cap moves forward (for larger frame users) or back closer to seat back (for small to medium frame users).
    In addition to moving forward and back, the track extends, swivels, and pivots 360 degrees, the cushioned arm caps pivot and swivel 360 degrees and the arm height range is a full 3 inches. Made of steel to provide stability. The arm is also width adjustable, a Teflon track bolts to chair seat permitting full arm to slide in and out. The track also make removing arm very fast and easy.

    • Excellent solution for people needing the arm support closer to their body (small or medium frame)
    • Track extends, swivels and pivots 360 degrees
    • Arm cap pivots and swivels 360 degrees
    • Adjustable Arm extends 6 inches from center of arm to inside of arm cap when swiveled fully (inside seat cushion)
    • 7.25 to 10" height measured from cushion
    • Track extends 13.5 inches from center of arm to front of arm cap when extended fully forward
    • Arm height from top of seat to top of arm cap: 6.5 inches lowest position to 9.5 inches highest position
    • Teflon track bolts to seat to also provide easy removal of arms
    • Recommend folding arms to original position when getting into and out of chair.
    • Sold in pairs only (set of 2)
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